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So I have finally ordered my first Christmas present, and have arranged a shopping trip to try to get on top of the whole situation. I need to get a bit organised, because it’s not just about ticking names of a list is it? I like to consider the taste of the person I am buying for, look at their interests and hobbies to get a present that is just right.

There is nothing worse than a useless present, and I will not apologise for saying this but I have had the odd present in the past that is just better with the wrapping on. But more of that next week, in my post the Ghosts’s of Christmas Presents Past.

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Today I am thinking about stocking fillers for teens, they are hard to buy for aren’t they? Or is it just Jack that has my uber expensive taste in life. So finding the perfect stocking fillers for him take a lot of thought.

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So here is my ideal stocking fillers list for teens list.

1 & 5.  You cannot have a Christmas stocking without some Cadbury’s treats inside. And yes Jack may have Type 1 Diabetes but he can still have treats if he has an injection.

2. Sugru Mouldable Glue, this stuff is amazing and the perfect low-cost stocking filler at £9.99 at tin. It is very clever and comes in many colours. It is a bit like a play dough consistency that can be moulded into any shape to repair ordinary household items, or modify gadgets etc. I just know this is going to keep Jacks, over active brain occupied for ages. He loves experimenting. The weird thing is, once it sets, it turns into a heat-resistant and waterproof rubber.

3. Young Driver’s lesson, I just love this and I know Jack will. How exciting for a teenage boy to be able to have a driving lesson. Why? Well, alongside being super exciting and fun, it is an introduction to installing driver safety into our teens minds. The lesson is a structured lesson, which teaches teens;

Driving in two-way traffic

Dealing with junctions

Turning / slalom

Dealing with roundabouts (at selected venues)

Dealing with traffic lights (at selected venues)

Bay parking and reverse parking

I know Jack is going to love, love, love this gift and at £31.99 it’s a bargain, especially to sow that initial seed of the importance of driving safely and keeping safe on the road. And can be taken at a variety of locations around the country.

4. Tech 21 Impact Shell, I Phone Case, now I have to make a confession, when I received the amazing Impact Shell I Phone Case, I immediately gave it to Jack. I decided that although it was great stocking filler, this one could not wait for Christmas. We had just bought Jack a new I Phone 5s for his birthday and although he had bought a case, when I compared it to the Tech 21 case the quality did not compare. (In fact I now need a pink one in my life) So decided that Jack could use it immediately.

Thank goodness I did, as 3 days ago Jack dropped his phone on our tiled kitchen floor, face down from shoulder height. He was messing about filming and dropped the phone. I literally stopped breathing, I really thought there is no way his phone could have survived that impact, but it did a little bounce and laid to rest in one piece. I am so glad I gave him the case early as it completely took the impact of the fall and saved the phone. Had it not Jack would have been paying for a new screen. At £24.99, it is worth every penny.

6. Lastly but by no means least, Spotify Gift Cards and Premium Subscriptions. Now if you have a teen you know it cots a fortune keeping them in music. They always want the latest album, or track.

Spotify is a subscription service that enables your teen to continuously download to their phone of P.C and as long as you pay your subscription the can keep the music. Jack is happiest when he has a pair of earphones on with his favourite music. And with Spotify way we all get to update our collections with our favourite artists for £9.99 per month. That great value considering the fact that we all have such different taste in music so can download 3-4 albums per month.

So there you have it, one Christmas stocking stuffed with useful yet fun gifts perfect for the teen in the Christie household. I hope it gives you some inspiration too.
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  1. As it happens I think my tween girl would be pretty impressed with this list as well! What a lucky boy to get the driving lesson – that looks brilliant, and not too expensive either. Have a fab Christmas all of you x


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