Young Drivers, and Road Safety

Something happened a couple of weeks ago that Jack had been beside himself with excitement about for ages. He had his very first ever-driving lesson. I know arghhh what happened to my little boy.


I will be honest it has been a month of milestones, a month of growing up. And us having to accept he is growing up, but a driving lesson was a huge thing.

The driving lesson was run and organised by Young Drivers, an amazing initiative designed to install a sense of responsibility and road safety into the young drivers of today.

IMG_6504Jack had a 30-minute lesson; although it was on a dedicated track, I will be honest; I nearly had a heart attack when we arrived. As there were other young drivers on the track, I mean what if one of them lost control, what if Jack did?  But the whole process is expertly managed and coordinated by the amazing driving instructors.

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Stocking Filler Idea’s for Teenage Boys

So I have finally ordered my first Christmas present, and have arranged a shopping trip to try to get on top of the whole situation. I need to get a bit organised, because it’s not just about ticking names of a list is it? I like to consider the taste of the person I am buying for, look at their interests and hobbies to get a present that is just right.

There is nothing worse than a useless present, and I will not apologise for saying this but I have had the odd present in the past that is just better with the wrapping on. But more of that next week, in my post the Ghosts’s of Christmas Presents Past.

Today I am thinking about stocking fillers for teens, they are hard to buy for aren’t they? Or is it just Jack that has my uber expensive taste in life. So finding the perfect stocking fillers for him take a lot of thought.

PicMonkey Collage older boys


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