Slimming World Meringue Eton Mess Kisses


This is a bit of a cheat on a Slimming World Meringue Eton Mess Kisses Recipe. A cheat because I am using shop bought meringues.

Slimming world meringues are a wonderful substitute to real meringues. Check out MY RECIPE HERE. However I find meringues made with sweetener do not keep very well. Thus if you want to prepare in advance, say for a dessert for an event or dinner party? Then shop bought meringues work better.

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Menu, Slimming World Meringue Eton Mess Kisses Recipe.

Slimming World Meringue Eton mess Recipe

Can You Eat Shop Bought Meringues On Slimming World?

Yes, the syn value is higher but not horrendously so. I bought these mini meringues from Marks and Spencer which are 13 calories, 0.1 g fat per meringue. If you work on the rough premise that 20 calories = 1 syn, this equates to less than 1 syn per mini meringue.

The beauty is that you can prepare a quick Slimming World Meringue Eton Mess Meringue Kisses dessert that looks incredible, but also taste amazing. Yet is low in fat and calories.

So whilst I do not fully live by slimming world, cooking using the philosophy works for me. Also, Low fat desserts that are slimming world friendly have got to be a winner right?

 Eton mess bites, low syn

Slimming World Desserts Do Not Have To Be Complicated And These Slimming World Eton Mess Meringue Kisses Are Not!

Sometimes having the inspiration to buy a few simple ingredients and putting them together, thus creating something beautiful is equally as effective.

Life is busy and there’s not always time to cook complicated desserts. Yet getting together with friends and enjoying sweet treats should not be a luxury.

Meringue dessert ideas

How To Make Slimming World Eton Mess Meringue Kisses?

To Serve 4 You Will Need

  • 16 mini meringues
  • 10 strawberries
  • 70g 0% fat greek strawberry yoghurt. ( The thicker the better)


  • Blend or pulp 8 of the strawberries
  • Thinly slice the remaining 2
  • Construct the Meringue Kisses by spreading a layer of the strawberry pulp and strawberry yoghurt then adding a slice of strawberry.
  • Serve with ice cream and sliced strawberries.

Total Calories = 583

Calories Per Person = 145.75

Syns Per Person = 7.5

Recipe Variations And Alternatives

Use raspberries, peaches or blueberries. You can change the flavour of fat free yoghurt to match your chosen fruit.

Or try passion fruit, and natural greek yoghurt, simply mix the passion fruit seeds into the yoghurt.

Make your own slimming world meringues using the recipe above.

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Slimming World Meringue Eton mess

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