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When we first visited the incredible Queens Hotel the weather was horrific, in fact treacherous. The wind and rain were torrential on the journey over, followed the heaviest snow. It was so bad we decided on the Saturday we had better not hang about and set off back home very early in the day. As it happens we were right to do so, had we set on an hour later we would never have made through the country roads home.

Leeds 2Now don’t get me wrong, apart from the weather we had a wonderful time at the Queens in fact I would go as far to say we all fell in love with the warmth of Jaquie, her team and the incredible history and atmosphere of this iconic hotel. We were also very lucky that Jaquie had booked us a day training with the Leeds Rhinos, so we had an excuse to go back and visit Leeds in the summer.

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I must say we were all so excited but I was also a little bit apprehensive, the Queens was our second Q Hotel visit and had felt so special. What if we didn’t love it as much this time round, when we had booked and chosen to visit.

I will tell you a little about the training with the Rhinos, the weather in the morning was a little hit and miss so Chris and I got ourselves a cup of coffee and opted to observe. The boys all kited out, in their shirts that were a gift from the Queens and were raring to go.

Leeds 1First we got to watch the first team training and then they boys got to go onto pitch and train with the team in a carousel of activities. The event was a mix of corporate visitors and children and the team did a great job getting the mix just right. The boys were thoroughly put through their paces during the variety of exercises and loved the whole experience.

Once the training had finished we got to attend a Q & A session with the team, my only advice here would be that the team may be better using a microphone as we struggled to hear all their answers. From here we were all directed to one of the suites for lunch with the team. I must say it was a very well-organized event and we had a great day.

leeds 3

Leeds 6On arriving at the Queens we were greeted once again by a very warm team who welcomed us back like old friends. We even had the same rooms as last time, and the wonderful chef had prepared some snacks to keeps Jacks sugar up after all the activity.

Leeds 4

Now we had all these grand plans of visiting all the museums we had earmarked to visit, but as we were on holiday in a couple of weeks we decided what was in order was a shopping trip, and wow Leeds is a great place to shop. We even found the time to visit Hotel Chocolate for a hot chocolate and cocktail.

After an exhausting day we decided to dine in the hotel, we had enjoyed it so much last time and were not disappointed on our return. I had the Salmon and cous cous, which was just delicious. I just love the atmosphere and styling of the bar at the Queens it feels so grand and almost of an other era with its Art Deco yet modern styling.

Leeds 5We had such a wonderful evening enjoying a delicious meal with great service, we all chatted away and laughed, feeling so relaxed in such a great environment.  I love the fact that all the team take the time to have a chat they are such a warm team, almost like a family.

Leeds 8We left with only one problem we did not do the museums, this leaves us with no option we are going to have to go back and visit again. Maybe for the Christmas markets? But in the case of the wonderful Queens hotel going back was a great idea, we love it more than ever now. x

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  1. You can really get sucked in shopping in Leeds can’t you. I love the Victoria Quarter one of my favourite places to wander. You definitely need to go back for the markets, although smaller than the Manchester ones.

  2. Oh, it does look really fab. Christmas markets sound like a good idea. I am tempted to come and join you….
    Thanks for linking up to #SummerDays – missed you whilst you were away!


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