Reindeer Chocolate Holder SVG Free Template


If you like my Grogu Candy Holder I shared last week then you will love my Reindeer Chocolate Holder SVG Free Templates. This project is a perfect Christmas project for hanging decorations, Christmas calendars and stocking fillers.

These Reindeer chocolate holders are such an easy and cute project to make, you can personalise them and use a table name plates. Give as gifts or cut out in blue for a great activity for festive crafting with kids. Its also wonderful to have something so effective but simple to make which doesn’t cost a fortune making it a great classroom activity. Also check out my Santa Treat Tray for Christmas Eve.

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Free Reindeer chocolate holder PNG SVG for Christmas treats and party favours-2

Reindeer Chocolate Holder SVG Template Download For Cricut

Project Ideas For My Free SVG

  • Party Favours
  • Christmas Themed Decorations
  • Stocking Fillers
  • Christmas Calendars
  • Table Place Holders
How to build chocolate reindeer treats

If You Want To Use These Free Reindeer Chocolate Holder SVG/PNG For Cricut Or Silhouette?

Click here or the image below to get your downloadable Reindeer Chocolate Holder SVG/png files and follow these instructions to add to Cricut Design Space. Don’t forget to turn off any pop up blockers, and if your email doesn’t come through check your spam folder.

However, make sure the pop-up blocker is turned off, Also if the email doesn’t arrive check your spam folder. 

Free Reindeer Chocolate SVG

Cutting Your Reindeer Chocolate Holder SVG

When you send your Reindeer Chocolate Holder SVG files to your Cricut to cut, ensure you use your brayer to roll the paper, vinyl or card to adhere to the mat. Movement will affect the cut. 

If your cutting mat looses its stickiness this will affect the quality of cut. Also make sure your mat is in good condition, this is vital for cutting intricate cuts.

Additionally, set the material and cut pressure correctly to match whatever materials you’re cutting to guarantee a clean cut. If you have any problems cutting check the mat, pressure and material settings as generally this is where the problem will lie.

Free Reindeer chocolate holder PNG SVG for Christmas treats and party favours

How To Build Your Reindeer Chocolate Holder

Use a ruler to create a fold at each side of the base. The base is the part that steps in between both reindeer heads.

Now use a sticky pad to stick your chocolate the the back of the reindeer SVG. You need to position it so that you can see the chocolate through the hole at the front.

How to build you christmas reindeer head

Once in position use double sided tape or a glue roller to attach the side of the head and horns of the back and front parts together.

If you want to create a hanging ornament, use a hole punch to create a hole on the top of the head.

Lastly use a black pen to put in the eyeballs.

How to make reindeer chocolate holders

More Christmas Files

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Tips And Advice For Using Your Download.

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Free Reindeer Chocolate Holder PNG SVG For Party Favours and Christmas Treats

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