New Hair, New Cricut And Cabaret!


Hello and how are you? I missed my little round up last week, for no other reason than sheer volume of work and blog stress, sometime you just have to accept you cant do it all!

Omg THE WEATHER! What a couple of weeks we’ve had with that? I know it’s all very British to talk about the weather, but this week it’s been the bane of my life. Especially with the school buses not showing because of snow, gale force winds and all that rain!

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Blog Stress And A New Theme

Nothing world ending, just changing blog themes AGAIN! I am not sure if you remember but I went thorough this palaver last year and it all went totally pear shaped and killed my blog.

Anyhow Donna and I decided our blogs and Cruising With Kids needed doing after a discussion in our blog audit. We have a lot of changes to make, and most of them couldn’t be done till the themes were right.

Iv’e worked day and night on both blogs, dreamt of widgets, images, covers and goodness knows what else! But finally I’m happy, now to make all those other changes!

Extraordinary chaos Family lifestyle blog

Making Flapjacks

On a lighter note, I did manage to spend a chilled afternoon last weekend making flapjacks. Joe’s been nagging for ages, and in my new endeavour to bake or cook a new recipe every week we tried Chocolate Chip Flapjacks, aren’t they easy to make? But taste a little too good as I kept dipping in and eating them.

how to make flapjacks

Country Walks

We manage a country walk to the pub last weekend, and were lucky enough to have an afternoon of blue skies. But my goodness it was freeeeezing! We’ve worked out that Joe will go for a walk with the promise of a bowl of chips at the end! Its worth the cost of the chips to drag him along, however there is no amount of money or food in the world to get Jack out walking!

My New Cricut Joy

We all know how giddy I get about my Cricut Machine well there is a new one! I know, can you imagine the levels of giddiness? It’s been fever-pitch!

Anyhow, Cricut Joy, the newest Cricut Machine is released on 1st March and I have been having a play. Its super portable, lightweight and perfect for smaller projects, with a price point of Β£180 it’s more than half the price of the Cricut Maker. Thus making it the perfect entry machine.

Despite the price it’s by no way a compromise. Honestly this little machine is nothing short of fabulous.

Permanent smart vinyl

New Hair

I am not sure if I’ve mentioned on here before, but I’ve a lot of allergies to hair colours, there are certain tones I can’t use.

Anyhow, recently I’ve been building up an intolerance to blonde and it’s been getting pretty bad. Thus its got to the stage that it was unworkable, the allergy was getting worse every time.

As action was needed I did a skin test and discovered I am not yet allergic to copper, so took the plunge. Well, it was a bit like being thrown off a cliff as my choice was limited. But you what? I blooming love it!

New hair

And Cabaret

Omg this is one that will never leave me? This week I watched Cabaret at the Palace Theatre and omg its was incredible but heartbreaking. There were times I couldn’t breathe through fear! I went having no idea what the story was about, but knowing its a theatre classic. The whole performance was stunning, but it got darker and darker, you could hear a pin drop in the audience. It’s definitely one worth seeing and a story that should be told.

Cabaret - John Partridge (Emcee) Photo Credit_ TheOtherRichard _005

What Am I Up To Next Week?

Next week will be filled with more behind the scenes blog work, goodness me its never ending! I also have a lovely event, i’me off to find out all about adventure cruising. It’s something that we’ve been dying to know a little more about as the boys have got older.

And that’s it, hope you have a wonderful weekend and let’s hope the weather man is wrong and we have a sudden heat wave. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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8 thoughts on “New Hair, New Cricut And Cabaret!”

  1. The weather has been crazy and we’re forecast another storm tomorrow. Eek!
    Ugh! It sounds like changing blog themes is such a headache.
    It is ages since I’ve made flapjacks! They are so easy to make and very moreish!
    Oh wow! I love your new hair colour! You look fab x

  2. I made chocolate chip flapjacks this week too. Must be the weather. They disappeared in a flash. Smiling at the idea of a bowl of chips as an enticement. Might need to try that with my lot. Your hair looks amazing and it is such a change. Ha! Not that your hair didn’t look amazing before. Hope the weather is kinder to you this week. #wotw

  3. First of all, wow, that hair colour!! What a difference! It’s a bit of a shock, but it really does suit you. Do you feel like a new woman now πŸ™‚ A lot of my friends are excited about getting a Cricut joy. I’m too afraid to start anything new, I don’t have enough time and energy for my current hobbies. Cabaret sounds really exciting, I’ve heard of it, but will admit to not knowing much about it. Im off next to see Don Quixote, which I confess, I know nothing about either. I’ve seen a short version of the story which I may read to give me some idea. Well done on getting the other blog work done, it can be such a pain getting blogs to look how you want them too. I have a nosey sometimes, I’d love to be able to cruise one day.

  4. Love the new hair colour! I feel an excuse to go clothes shopping now because of course you need new clothes in the right colours to match don’t you think?? ?

    Thanks for the flapjack recipe! Will be trying that this weekend xx

  5. I love your new blog theme. It’s always stressful having to make changes to the blog isn’t it? Those flapjacks look delicious and I’m with Joe – an incentive of a bowl of chips at the end of a walk is a good one! Love your new hair colour too, it really suits you. Cabaret is an amazing show but yes very dark and thought-provoking. #WotW


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