HTVRont Auto Heat Press Review

I am here to today to tell you about the HTVRont Auto Heat Press as I have been reviewing and putting it through its paces along with the HTVRont Glitter HTV for a couple of weeks now. Now I am not a heavy duty user of HTV, but that’s more about convenience and time.

However I do love to create my own custom hoodies, plus I am a huge fan of using HTV on cards, yes that right, try it? HTV looks fabulous on cards and tags, especially glitter! Anyhow I digress, what I really want to do today it share this marvellous heat press with you in my HTVRont Auto Heat Press Review.

A Little About The HTVRont Auto Heat Press

The nifty Auto Heat Press from HTVRont is a wonderful addition to your craft space, especially if using HTV is your thing? If it’s not, it might just make you use HTV more! This is also perfect for any crafter you uses sublimation!

The plates are 15″x15″ thus allowing you to make larger projects, and the overall dimensions of the machine are 20″x20″x16″, this is something you need to consider when purchasing. But it does fit nicely at the end of my desk so is perfect for desktops if your desk is wide enough.

You can either press start or use the auto button on your HTVRont autopress

How Does The HTVRont Auto Heat Press Work?

The Auto Heat Press has a pull out tray which also has an integrated removable heat mat, which makes it easy to load projects. It has a maximum temperature of 210°c/410°f and takes less than 4 minutes to heat up to 160°C. The machine works with auto pressure, thus you only have to choose your mode, heat and time and you are good to go.

Load your project onto the mat, slide the tray in and ensure it clicks and press go.

Review of the HTVRont Auto Heat Press

The Screen Of The HTVRont Auto Heat Press

The touch screen is easy to use with simple on and off button, temperature and timer button. You can adjust the time and temperature with the + and – buttons on the right hand side.

Underneath the screen you will find 3 buttons the first is the preset, this allows you to quickly use one of the 4 presets.

The 4 Pre Set Modes Are….

  1. 300 and 15 seconds
  2. 320 and 15 seconds
  3. 330 and 20 seconds
  4. 390 and 40 seconds

The second button allows you to set your own presets. If you have a certain material you use a lot this is a real time saver. The third is the Auto button, if you have this turned on when you close the tray it will automatically close and press. Alternatively you can press the R button on right to press, I prefer this method as I can make any adjustments at the last minute. Saying that, pressing the R button will also stop pressing if you do need to make alterations.

How To Set Up Presets On Your Auto Press

Click on the button on the bottom middle row that looks like a cog or sunshine, it will flash a or b these are your 2 preset options. Click a or b then set your time and heat using the temperature and clock button and the arrows. Now press and hold the button and it will set.

The Screen and pre sets on the HTVRont Autopress

Step By Step How To Use The HTVRont Auto Heat Press

Cut Out Your HTV Image Or Word

Start by designing and cutting out your vinyl, for this project I used HTVRont pale pink glitter and cut it on my xTool M1, if you are using your Cricut check out this tutorial. Make sure you mirror your project before cutting as you cut into the back of the vinyl and then flip it to press. When you load your vinyl to cut, place it sparkly or shiny side down.

Cut you vinyl making sure you mirror it

Weed And Heat Press Your Project

Once cut, weed your image and turn on your auto heat press. If you are using HTVRont vinyl the timings are all on or in the packaging. As I was using glitter HTV I set the auto-press at 300°C for 20 seconds.

Weed the vinyl

However do make sure you pre heat your material first for around 5 seconds, this ensures the fabric and HTV bond correctly.

Once pre heated, apply your image taking care to position correctly and cover with a teflon sheet. Now set the time and temperature before sliding the tray in. You need the tray to click before pressing the R button. If you have the auto button activated this will happen automatically as soon as the tray clicks.

Set heat and slide the tray in

Can You Press Directly On To HTV?

It is recommended you cover the whole area with a teflon sheet or grease proof paper and I have found this is always better to get the best results.

Allow Your HTV To Cool

HTVRont vinyl is cold peel so allow to cool before peeling to reveal your finished creation.

Hoodie decorated with pink glitter HVT

You Can Also Make Cards With Heat Transfer Vinyl

If like me you love making cards using HTV? Check out this cute dinosaur birthday card I created with the auto heat press, using my dinosaur alphabet set.

Apply vinyl to card and cover with a teflon sheet

However the opportunities are endless with my SVG alphabets covering all occasions. And the great thing is you can make up to 4 cards at a time on the 12×12 plate.

Make Cards With Heat Transfer Vinyl

How Much Is The HTVRont Auto Heat Press?

The Auto Heat Press costs $295 which is great value for the quality of the machine, and what it does. It does cost more in the UK as its currently on sale at £399 which is considerably more, I did question this and was told its down to production and shipping costs. However have found it on Amazon for £303 for UK shoppers.

Load on the materials

My Thoughts On The HTVRont Auto Heat Press

The HTVRont Auto Heat Press is a fabulous piece of kit, super easy to use. Also the result I have had so far on these projects, and on test pieces before were all great. The HTV was well bonded and washed well on my test hoodie I tried before Christmas. I particularly love how easy it is to use, and how great it looks on my desk. Plus the fact that is is all set up and ready means I will use it more.

Please note I was gifted the auto heat press but all opinions are my own and I love this press!

5 thoughts on “HTVRont Auto Heat Press Review”

  1. Thankyou for the honest review! Love your vlogs xx
    I am on the look out for a decent Heatpress & looked at this as it has a good size platform that glides out plus its auto BUT living in the UK a heafty price tag unfortunately. A big mark up for us UK residents xx

  2. I decided to buy a heat press so I could do more with vinyl and sublimation. I had checked into many different ones and finally decided on this heat press. I have had it for several months now and am just as happy with it now as I was the first time I used it.

    Easy to use, looks good, and doesn’t take up as much space to use as so many others.

  3. Hi
    Thanks for your review.
    I too had been looking into the different presses and checking out prices too. I had an Easy press but was finding it heavy to lift.
    Now I have my HTVRONT and I it.
    Thee big plate area makes it a dream to lay out T Shirts and it’s so easy to use and does a perfect job.


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