How to create the perfect night in with friends


There’s nothing quite like a night in with friends to give you that cosy, chilled-out feeling. No shouting over obnoxiously loud music in bars. No risk of cold and wet walks to taxi ranks. Not to mention they’re a good way to keep on top of your spending if you like to socialise. Planning the perfect night in depends on what you and your friends are interested in. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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Choosing a night-in theme

It’s best to decide on your guestlist before you get started buying supplies and sending out invites. Fancy a quiet and exclusive chill on the sofa? Maybe organise a night in with another couple you know. If you’re throwing a housewarming party, you might extend the invitations a little further. Are you a dab hand in the kitchen? Is your group a club that regularly meets to engage in a favourite pastime? Once you’ve considered this, you can start planning.

Home cooked food at Country Relais & Spa Le Capanne

Games night

A games night could involve board games or video console alternatives, depending on what you prefer. Strategy games such as Catan and Dungeons and Dragons are great for filling up time. You can also get the competitive juices flowing by firing up the Xbox for an online multiplayer game, just remember to install a VPN beforehand to avoid any slowdown.

While food and drink might not be the reason for the meeting, don’t let your guests go hungry. Lay on some snacks and drinks. You could also advise that your guests bring their own to avoid any issues with dietary requirements.

Movie night

Whether you go for a retro classic or a brand-new release, taking in a movie is a great way to bring people together. Dim the lights and serve some popcorn or chocolates for the authentic cinema experience.

Movie afternoon with chocolates

A meal together

Not much brings people together, quite like breaking bread. If you’re confident enough to tackle things in the kitchen, go ahead. But don’t be worried about ordering takeout as well. Your guests are here to see you as much as get fed! Dishes that go hand in hand with dinner parties include favourites such as hearty stews, simple pasta dishes, and fiery curries.

Denby Always Entertaining And A Special Dinner Party

Cocktail night

You could host a cocktail night if you don’t want to completely do away with the vibe of a night out. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to master some of the techniques before you let everyone else loose on the shaker and muddler. Having said that, it can result in much hilarity and a night to remember if there is a spectacular muck-up. Maybe just forget the flaming sambucas if one of your guests is notoriously clumsy!

Blend the egg white and sugar so it thickens but not too much and add to your cocktail

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