Free Gingerbread Colouring Pages Letters And Numbers


It’s that time of year when we start planning winter and Christmas lessons and colouring activities. Thus it’s great to have a little bank of Christmas Holiday themed colouring pages. Our free Gingerbread Colouring Pages Letters And Numbers are perfect for such occasions.

Of course they are alphabet and number themed which lends them naturally towards educational activities. But they are more than that! This little gingerbread set is also perfect for making banners and Christmas Cards and festive art lessons.

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Gingerbread Colouring Pages Letters And Numbers

Ideas For Using These Gingerbread Colouring Pages Printable Themed ABC Alphabet And Numbers 

  • Gingerbread Themed Art, colouring in the alphabet 
  • Spelling, creating spelling games and forming words 
  • Maths, using the numbers to create sums and problems (You may need to print out 2 sets of numbers.)
  • Make home made banners 
  • Art, make Gingerbread Man Christmas cards

10 Amazing Gingerbread Facts For Children

  1. An early form of gingerbread can be traced back as far as the Egyptians.
  2. It can also be traced back as far as Greece 2400BC.
  3. However is believed to have then been brought to Europe from the Middle East in the 11th Century where it was used to make a spicy bread that lasted longer because of the spices.
  4. Gingerbread traditions are popular in Germany, Britain, France and the Netherlands.
  5. Nuremberg used to be known as the gingerbread capital of the world.
  6. Gingerbread became popular around Christmas after the release of the book ‘Hansel and Gretel’.
  7.  The Texas gingerbread house is the largest ever built, it was 39,202 cubic feet!
  8. Some types of gingerbread include: brown, wafer and honey.
  9. The name gingerbread originally referred to preserved ginger.
  10. It is thought that gingerbread was first sold in the UK in the 17th Century and it was believed the have medicinal purposes.

How To Get Your Gingerbread ABC Colouring Pages Alphabet And Number Set Of Printable’s?

Click here to get your free Gingerbread Colouring/Coloring downloads and either send to the printer or upload to the pc and use on a colouring or processing programme. However, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

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