Free Printable Naughty and Nice Scratch-Off Card


Get ready for a touch of enchantment this holiday season with our Free Printable Naughty and Nice Scratch-Off Cards, specially designed for the elves to leave a sprinkle of magic behind! These charming cards are a delightful addition to your festive traditions, allowing the mischievous elves to add an element of surprise and mystery to their nightly adventures.

As the cards appear overnight, children and the young at heart can eagerly scratch off the surface to unveil whether they’ve earned a spot on the naughty or nice list. Let the enchanting festivities unfold as the elves leave behind a bit of holiday wonder with these whimsical scratch-off cards!

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Free Naughty or Nice printable Scratch cards

Free Printable Naughty and Nice Scratch-Off Card

You Will Need

How to make naughty and nice scratch cards

How To Make Your Scratch Off Naughty or Nice Card

Upload the Files To Design Space

Start by uploading the files to Cricut Design Space (Or printing them off and cutting them out by hand.) I have provided a blank template for personalising and one with the letter S for Santa. This also comes with the letter S to layer it. If you want to personalise the alphabet, use our Santa Alphabet here.

Now Size Your Card

Measure the scatch-off sticker on your cutting mat and grab a star in the left-hand shape bar in design space. You want to size the star to the same size as your star scratch sticker. Now drag the naughty and nice file so the star covers the middle nice word. When you are happy with the size, discard the star. This is just so it all fits together when printed.

Size the star to fit over the nice on the centre

Layer Your Letter

If you are layering your letter, grab the letter S for Santa from your download and size it perfectly over the top of the S on the voucher. Then, this will be print and cut separately to allow you to layer your file and create a 3d effect.

If You Are Personalising Your Own Voucher

If you are personalising your own voucher, use the blank voucher provided and upload the letter of your choice from the Santa Monogram Alphabet to design space. Now, could you size on the blank card and duplicate the letter? Put one to one side to cut separately and flatten the other to the voucher.

Create an Offset

This is optional, but I created an offset layer and changed it to a cut layer to cut on glitter cardstock. It gives the naughty or nice voucher an added dimension.

Create an offset layer and change this to a cut layer

What Is The Maximum Size For Cricut Print And Cut?

They need to be 6.75.x 9.25 or less to fit within the cut sensor marks and use the print and cut feature.

Send Your Christmas Naughty or Nice Vouchers To Print And Cut

Now click make it, remember that you will print and cut the voucher and cut the glitter card layer. This will take you to the print preview page; select use printer system dialogue you can then choose fine print settings through your printer.

I find if you go through design space the print quality is not always as good. If the system dialogue doesn’t pop up, reduce design space, and it will appear behind. You can now choose the fine print quality.

Nice scratch cards

When Your Files Are Printed And Cut

Glue the voucher to the back glitter layer and use sticky pads to layer the letter to make it 3d.

to make these tickets you will need

Now attach your scratch-off sticker over the middle nice word to finish the scratch of the voucher.

Scratch of the sticker to receal you are on the nice list

If You Want To Use These Free Printable Scratch Off Naughty or Nice Cards?

Simply click here or on the image below to get my free Printable Scratch Off Naughty or Nice Cards downloads from our shop. Here’s how you upload the files to Cricut Design Space.

If You’re Having Problems?

Check out my trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Tips And Advice For Using Cricut

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