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I want to share with you how my newest edition to my small craft room has made such a big difference to my crafting and work life. Recently I was gifted a DreamCart which has helped me organised my craft space, thus giving me lots of extra storage, working area and flexibility whilst still maintaining and making the most of the limited space I have.

When I moved into my small craft room earlier this year, I knew I had to be clever about storage and organisation, its a small, but perfectly formed room. Because living in a quirky little house in the middle of the Lancashire Countryside means that the upstairs of our house isn’t huge. All the walls slope in towards the roof, thus my little room has limited wall and ceiling space.

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Why The DreamCart Is Perfect For Small Spaces And Craft Rooms

What Did I Need To Make My Small Craft Room Functional?

When you craft you have a lot of storage needs. I had gotten to the stage where my crafting and all that came with it was taking over the whole house, so we knew it was time to reshuffle and add a new bedroom to our home, which meant I could also create a work area.

However as we have 2 tall sons, they got the biggest rooms, leaving me with the exciting prospect of making my small space work for a craft room and home office. Thus I needed….

  • A desk I could work at whilst I crafted that didn’t affect my working desk
  • Storage and lots of it
  • Worktop space to be able to craft and video my crafts
  • Space to put my Cricut
  • However I also needed all this space to fold away when I wasn’t crafting
  • Be great quality as I need to use it every day
  • And lastly, be easy to move and not to heavy

Once I had settled into the room it became apparent that a DreamCart would solve my problems, I had started out crafting on the floor, I needed a work area which was practical. But also solved my storage problems and saved my back, working on the floor was not working. But a static table would take up too much room.

Limited Storage space in a small craft room

What Is A DreamCart?

A DreamCart is a clever craft storage trolley of dreams, which folds up, BUT it also converts to a table top with 2 drop leaves, giving you the flexibility to use one or both leaves depending on how much space you need.

The beauty of this is that you can leave it up at full size all the time and have a multifunctional desk and workspace. Or if like me you have a small craft room you can fold it away when its not in use.

But it gets better, because the DreamCart also has tons of storage, notably 12×12 paper storage trays and long totes with dividers, thus giving you space to store all of your card-stock and craft supplies.

Paper Trays in the DreamCart

Was It Easy To Build?

So easy! Every piece is labeled, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, meaning the DreamCart took us just over an hour to build. It actually took me longer to organise my card stock and fill the trays. Check out my video to see a speedy version of us building my DreamCart.

Is the DreamCart Easy to build?

How Much Storage Space Does The DreamCart Have?

Tons, if you are looking for ways to organise a small craft room the dream cart is perfect, as well as offering the options to have up 69 1/2″x 28 1/2″ of table space, that’s a lot of space to be able to pop up when you need it.

However you also have 5 large trays to fit 12×12 paper and card stock (12 5/8″W x 12 1/2″L x 3″H) and 8 shoebox totes which are deeper so perfect for pens and bottles (5.5″W x 12″L x 4.5″H)

I was able to fit so much into my dream cart, way more than I ever expected too. My biggest storage problem was card stock and I love that you can organise you card by type and colour and have so much space, us crafters like to be prepared. And it all visual so I know where everything is.

Also the totes are portable. You can just pull them out when you need crafting supplies and pop them on the table top, and they fit loads of supplies in.

Additionally the fact that the DreamCart in on lockable wheels means that is easy to move, and also lock into place when needed.

The dreamcart has 8 totes and 5 12x12 trays

Where Else Could You Use A DreamCart?

The great thing about the DreamCart is how portable it is. This means it can go into almost any room in the house to not only store your craft supplies but offer a multi functional storage solution.

Whether its the lounge, bedroom, kitchen, hallway or garage you can use it anywhere. This is particularly wonderful if you craft in your lounge like I used to, having this worktop space and storage would have made such a difference to me. Of course as it does now!

Drop down table for small craft room storage

How Much Is The DreamCart

The DreamCart costs £499, which I can honestly say now I have this amazing piece of kit in my possession is worth every penny. I was considering buying it before this collaboration and would not have regretted it one bit.

Use My DreamCart Discount Code

Additionally if you use my personal discount code (EXTRAORDINARYCHAOS) you will get an additional discount of your Dream Cart.

Making the most of small craft room space

In Conclusion, My Review Of The DreamCart

The DreamCart has solved my storage, space and work area problems all in one go, I adore my DreamCart, it makes crafting a joy, having everything I need around me is so easy. If I am honest I have found myself creeping off the my craft room more.

If you do order one please bear in mind the delivery times can be long. However all I can say is it is worth the wait, but its worth planning ahead, and for me, having a more useable workspace means I am more productive which has to good right?

I did receive the DreamCart as a gift, however all thoughts are my own, this post also contains Affiliate links.

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