Cricut Mug Press™ Review And Start Up Guide

It’s finally here, the Cricut Mug Press ™ is coming to the UK. I can’t tell you how excited I have been for this moment. Although sometimes when something new and exciting comes out you do wonder if it’s all hype?

But after having a little time to play with the Cricut Mug Press™ I can tell you its not hype! The Mug Press™ is fabulous and delivers consistently great results.

The Cricut Mug Press, Everything You Need To Know

Cricut Mug Press™ Review And Start Up Guide

What Is The Cricut Mug Press™

The Cricut Mug Press™ is a heat press that infuses ink into mugs making them smooth and seamless. Although permanent vinyl is great for creating mugs. The mug press is able to make Infusible Ink™ sheets or pens part of the fabric of the mug, making it dishwasher and microwave safe.

Guide to the Cricut Mug Press

Can I Buy A Cricut Mug Press™ In The UK?

Yes, the Cricut Mug press™ will be available to buy from Cricut, Hobbycraft, Very, Currys, Ryman and John Lewis from the 1st October.

How Much Is The Cricut Mug Press™ ?

The Cricut Mug Press™ is £179.99 although check out the Cricut website, they have some great bundles from £199.99. The 12oz mugs cost £6.99 for a pack of 2 or £19.99 for 6.

What Cricut Machines Does It Work With?

This is the great thing, the Cricut Mug Press™ is compatible to use with all Cricut Machines. This is wonderful news if you own a Cricut Maker, Explore or Cricut Joy and want to make you own custom mugs.

Cutting your infusible ink

Do I Need A Sublimations Printer For The Mug Press™?

No, the Mug Press™ is designed to work with infusible ink transfer sheets and pens. The great thing is, you can use it with existing infusible ink 12×12 sheets as well as the new pre cut Infusible Ink™ sheets. These are designed specifically to use with the Mug Press™.

How to set up your Cricut Mug Press

Setting Up Your Mug Press™

Set up takes minutes it really is so simple. Start by plugging in your Mug Press™ and connecting it to you computer using the usb lead provided. If you have a Mac you will need a lightning to usb convertor, you can get these from Amazon for a couple of pounds if you don’t have one.

Then open Cricut Design Space, click the three lines in the top left corner and scroll down to set up new product set up. Choose heat press, then Cricut Mug Press™ The software will now update, follow the instructions to register and your Mug Press is ready to go.

How to set up your Cricut

Using Your Mug Press™

You Will Need

  • Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheets
  • Cricut Mug Blank
  • Lint roller
  • Heat-resistant tape, optional

The wonderful thing is that you can use existing Infusible Ink™ sheets for the Joy and Maker. As well as the new custom Mug Press™sheets and pens. The Mug press is designed to work with Cricut mugs, but can be used with straight-walled Infusible Ink compatible mugs ranging from 11 oz – 16 oz.

There is also no adjusting or messing about, you just pop the mug in, close the lid and it does its magic. Because of this the pressure is perfectly even and the results are fabulous.

But do remember, before you handle infusible ink wash and dry your hands, grease and moisture can affect results. This isn’t an issue I have ever had, however, that is maybe because I have always washed my hands before using.

Choose A Design

Start by choosing a design in Cricut Design Space. Type mug into the image search bar, then click project type on the side bar and choose Cricut Mug. You will see you have 2 sizes depending on what size mug you are making.

I tried 2 seperate projects, an easy project and one that I could personalise. But please note all projects are personalise-able, its just a matter of slicing, seriously its that easy.

Mug Designs availabe in Cricut Design Space

When you load a design into design space it’s sized and ready to personalise or cut. I chose the drips image and the splat paint design.

Line your text over the image

To personalise the splat design simple choose a letter, or saying from Design Space images. I opted for this coffee and chill image.

  • Duplicate the text and line it up over the splat image
  • Move the template out of the way and weld both text images together
  • Then realign and slice the wording out of your splat images
  • It’s now ready to cut
  • Place the Infusible Ink™ on your cutting mat shiny side down
  • Send to cut, but don’t forget to mirror your project
  • Cut out your mug design and weed.
How to slice into mug designs

Once weeded place the Mug Press™ on a heat proof mat and press the power button located on the top. The Cricut Mug Press™ works by some from of Wizardry that takes room temperature into account, it flashes amber until it’s ready to go, the on button will then turn green.

Place your mug in front of you and clean it with a lint roller. Attach the mug wrap around the mug being aware of position, once you are happy smooth it over and pop into the Mug Press™and press down the lid. It will now do it’s magic and bleep when done.

Wrap the design around the mug

What Temperature Do You Heat The Mugs?

You don’t even have to worry about heat settings, the Cricut Mug Press™ does all the thinking for you, you just pop it in close the lid and wait.

How Long Does It Take To Press?

Mine took about 6 minutes, so not long at all. You need to ensure the room is well ventilated or the Mug Press™ is by a window whilst its doing its thing.

How does the mug press work

When The Mug Press™ Process Is Complete

Once the Mug Press™ has bleeped, lift the lid to release the heat pads, these are super hot so do not touch them. However you can safely touch the handle to remove it (the rest of the mug will be too hot to touch) and place it to one side on a heat proof mat to cool thoroughly before removing the wrap and revealing your creation.

Do You Have To Choose One Of The Cricut Mug Press™ Designs?

No, Cricut have made it super easy for you to set and design your own mugs with 2 easy templates.

  • The Mug Design Set Up
  • The Drawn Mug Design Set Up

You can find these in Cricut Design Space in the Projects sections. These enable you to set up edges and sizes then create your own designs from scratch. Slice and weld any images from Design Space into your blank, use text or draw your own images.

How to design your own mugs

Drawing Your Design With The Cricut Mug Press™

Drawing your design is similar to using the Infusible Ink™ pens with coasters. Simply draw your image onto copy paper, use heat resistant tape to secure the image with the design facing the mug, without covering the image. Wrap with 3 layers of butcher paper and pop into the mug press.

Stacking Order For The Mug Press™

  • 3 layers butcher paper
  • Laser copy paper with design facing mug
  • Ceramic mug blank

My Thoughts On The Cricut Mug Press™?

Its fabulous, I wondered how consistent it would be, however every time I have used it the results have been perfect. It’s easy to use and I love how professional the mugs look. This is perfect if you are a small business and want to make personalised projects or for making gifts for hobby crafters. It lends itself to monogram mugs, however I also love some of the quirky designs in Design Space.

#AD This post is sponsored by Cricut however all opinions are my own, and I seriously love this Mug Press™, check out the Cricut Blog to find out more.

How to Use The Cricut Mug Press

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