ABC Llama Colouring Pages Letters And Number Set


Llamas are so cute aren’t they? Ok I know they have a certain reputation, but they are also adorable fellas. Our ABC Llama Colouring Pages Letters And Number set is perfect for all of those who appreciate these quirky little animals.

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However for little learners these ABC Llama Colouring Pages letters and number are a great way of not only enjoying colouring but engaging in eduction for numeracy, literacy, and geography. Also scroll down for some great Llama tips, and if you are planning animal themed lessons then check out my flamingo colouring alphabet.

Free Printable ABC Llama Alphabet and numbers for colouring and maths games

Ideas For Using These Llama Colouring Pages Printable Themed ABC Alphabet And Numbers 

  • Llama Themed Art, colouring in the alphabet 
  • Llama Classroom decor
  • Art, creating collages 
  • Maths, using the numbers to create sums and problems (You may need to print out 2 sets of numbers.)
  • Art, make Llama birthday cards
  • Print out 2 sets and make a game of Llama alphabet snap
  • They are also great for Llama themed monochrome scrapbook layouts.
Llama printable colouring alphabet

Facts About Llamas For Kids

  1. Llamas can communicate through humming.
  2. Baby Llamas are called Crias.
  3. Gross but true, a Llama can spit to a distance of around 10 feet.
  4. Llamas are pregnant for 11 months that’s 1 months longer than humans.
  5. Llama greet each other with a nose to nose kiss.
  6. The high concentration of hemoglobin in llama blood helps them to survive in a high-altitude where there is little oxygen. This is why they are able to live on the top of hills and mountains.
  7. The average llama can live between 15-20 years.
  8. Llamas can carry 25-30% of their body weight.
Free Lllama coloring alphabet letters and numbers

How To Get Your Llama ABC Colouring Pages Alphabet And Number Set Of Printable’s?

Click here or the image below to get your free Llama Colouring/Coloring downloads and either send to the printer or upload to the pc and use on a colouring or processing programme. However, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Get my free Llama Alphabet

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Coloring alphabet for home school

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Free Printable ABC Colouring Llama Alphabet and numbers

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