You Know You Live With Boys When?


So here I am in a house full of boys, I love them all so much, but have shared before how they have changed me from a girly girl to someone much more adventurous.

I thought I would compile a little list of things that I have got used too, things that in everyday life have become the norm; that if you would have told me years ago I would have accepted this little lot, I would have never believed you.

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  • I currently have a chicken skull soaking in bleach on my kitchen windowsill. Joe found it last week in the garden and wanted to preserve it, so there it is. The next stage will be scrubbing it with bleach and a toothbrush to ensure all the germs are gone. Not my idea of fun but I didn’t want to be a killjoy and make him dispose of it.
  • They are always talking football language and scores at me, now I do try to make an effort but blimey, you can only take so much football.
  • Talking of football, cooking is hazardous as there is always someone kicking a ball around the kitchen and passing to you in the hope that you will pass back, even though football in the house is banned.
  • Ooh there are also two skateboards in the hall hidden under a chair, I am assuming this is in case they want to get somewhere in our 3 bedroom semi quickly! No matter how many times I move these they always reappear under the chair.
  • As will the football boots by the front door, I put them in the shoe cupboard the next day they have made their way back to the front door, it seems they can walk as the boys never leave their shoes out!
  • No matter how much food I buy, there is never any food, and if there is its invisible it seems. As all they say is “there is never any food in this house.” But honestly I could feed a small island with what I spend on food in a week.
  • If the dog needs exercise rather than walk him they throw a ball around the house, this results in the dog skidding all over, and total chaos. I find it easier to walk Toby myself, thus keeping a tidy home and getting some peace in the process.
  • Fifa isn’t just a game it a way of life, they actually believe they are real football managers and if they tell me they are in the middle of a match one more time, I may well scream.
  • Mud is just part of life, it seems at all times one of them is muddy and spreading it around the house.
  • There are Nerf bullets everywhere and I mean everywhere. I am so fed up with tidying Nerf bullets, oh and being the last person to drive home can be hazardous as at time I have been ambushed with Nerf gun welding terrors as my back is turned to lock the front door.IMG_2816

Saying that having boys although at times hazardous to health is also so rewarding, boys are so loving when not in football manager of Nerf mode. Being their Mum has made me try activities that I would never had done before and made me see life through totally different eyes. And I wouldn’t change it for a single minute.

37 thoughts on “You Know You Live With Boys When?”

  1. Love this and can so relate to it. Mud and muddy boots are a permanent fixture in our house and, even though I never see them shoot the Nerf guns, those damn bullets get everywhere! Not yet had a chicken skull though!

  2. Haha this post made me laugh!
    I’m having a little boy in June, so I will look forward to all these habits! haha.
    But the chicken skull is particularly disgusting 😛 x

  3. Hi Sarah! I very much relate to this, although I only have one boy. It’s muddy rugby boots in our house and the challenge of getting him home from rugby without getting the car covered in mud! I also have the nerf bullet issue but also the tiny yellow ‘bb’ bullets that are so small they get up the hoover. I love having a son though and I’m sure the teenage years will be a lot less stressful than with a angst ridden daughter to contend with! xx

    • Ha ha its not just in my house then Kate, and you would have you just adapt to your surroundings don’t you, and I love having boys xx

  4. Having two boys I can totally relate although mine are a bit younger so slightly different things. I did a post on mine a while ago. They are lovely and annoying to live with at the same time xx

  5. Oh my goodness that chicken skull story has made me feel funny! What will he do with it when it’s all clean and finished? My girls are always hungry and according to them, there’s never anything to eat here either. Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars xxxxxx

  6. Great list! I am the mom of 3 boys, i always imagined i would have girls. Even though my life is different than i anticipated i would not change a thing. I love my boys and all the muddy, sweaty stinky stuff that goes with them! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Laura, I have just had a quick look at your blog, wow Tawain how exciting. I can’t wait to have a good read later, and yes I would change my disorganised messy boys for the worlds x

  7. Hahha I love this, I have numerous brothers and all male cousins so I know this so very well. LOL Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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