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Wow where to start with this We Will Rock You Review? It’s not often am lost for words. However here I am sat with the soundtrack of We Will Rock You playing, (That’s how I write my reviews, relive the music) close to tears again, good god it makes me sound over emotional. Emotional yes, definitely not over emotional.

If you read my little blog you will understand my passion for theatre. It’s my favourite pastime, give me a show over a movie any day. Also it’s rare I see a show I don’t enjoy.

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However We Will Rock You has totally floored me, to the point I sat sobbing throughout the finale and it wasn’t even sad. I can’t even work out why myself?

Credit: Johan Persson

But here is my attempt at reasoning; There are good, great and amazing shows. And then there is We Will Rock You.

How on earth can anything be created to the words of Queen, sung by someone other than the great Freddie match up? But it really does signify the heart and soul of Queen.

It also reflects how their music is not only timeless, but transferable. Ben Elton has created the perfect platform to share Queen and fill theatres with the soul of a legend. And that is exactly what We Will Rock You Feels Like, being wrapped in the soul of Freddie Mercury and the genius of Queen.

Credit: Johan Persson

What Is The Show About?

We Will Rock You is the story of Galileo (Ian McIntosh) and Scaramouche (Elena Skye) 2 teens who know they are different.

Living in a world of Globalsoft, an online world where people don’t have real friends, life is virtual. Where the teens, GaGa girls and boys live to conform, music is censored and instruments are banned. A world controlled by the Killer Queen (Jenny O’Leary) and her second in command Khashoggi (Adam Strong).

However Galileo and Scaramouche stumble across the Bohemians, Buddy Holly And The Crickets, (Michael McKell) who has a remarkable resemblance to Mick Jagger! Brittany Spears (David Michael Johnson) and Ozzy Osbourne( Amy Di Bartolomeo). They form part of a rebel group who refuse to conform but can’t fully say or remember why. One thing they do know is they are looking for the Rhapsody and Galileo is it!

Right, now on paper that looks bonkers and it is! How can that work? Well, let me tell you, it works to epic proportions.

Credit: Johan Persson

We Will Rock You Review

You can’t create a production so monumentus, sharing the music of legends and not have phenomenal voices.

There’s not a weak voice in the production, each and every member of the cast represented and owned the music. Thus making it part show, part concert. Galileo and Scaramouche were spectacular.

There’s a good balance of comedy too! We Will Rock You does not take itself seriously. There are many laugh out loud moments and reference to music, lines woven into sentences, thus creating some truly hilarious moments.

We Will Rock You Review
2019, Credit: Johan Persson
We Will Rock You Review

The set was one the best set’s I have ever seen in a production. With huge digital screens projecting Killer Queens lair, the desert, junk yards, and space. It moved seamlessly, making the production like being in the middle of part film, part musical. The effect’s were extraordinary, and words can never do it justice.

Would I recommend We Will Rock You? Omg 150%, it has everything. Of course, you have got to love Queen. However with Bohemian Rhapsody being the 3rd best selling song of all time, I’m guessing most do!

I was gifted my ticket in return for an honest review, as always my opinion is my own. This post first appeared on Extraordinary Chaos

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  1. You’ve sold me, and I’ve just checked it’s here in Birmingham in April. I’ve been looking for something that my husband would enjoy (he’s not really a fan of ballet or opera like me!) I’m going to book tickets when I get paid next week. I also have to book tickets for Six as the girls want to go, but that’s not until June 🙂


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