Travelodge London ExCeL, Perfect For Events At ExCeL And The O2


A couple of weeks ago I had the most wonderful travel event planned in London, the event was a 2-day event which meant a 2 night stay in London whoohoo. The dilemma now was where to stay? In the center of London, or local to ExCeL? If we stayed on the South Bank we were a train away but close to the bars and restaurants, or stay local to ExCeL so we didn’t have far to travel in the mornings?

We went for the local option and chose the Travelodge Excel London thinking it would be nice and easy and could always get into town if we wanted too. Well, let me tell you, we made the right decision. And this is always something to consider when staying in the city; The Docklands Light Railway decided to strike during our stay, and whilst measures were made to be sure we would get to our location it would have taken ages and been a nightmare.

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Travel lodge London Excel

The Excel Travelodge is 5 minutes walk from ExCeL, which is the perfect distance to stroll with a take out coffee on an autumn morning.

The thing is with Travelodge it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is spotlessly clean, comfortable, the team was so helpful and friendly.  A full breakfast was on offer at an extra cost to include cooked, cereal, fruit, pastries, juice and coffee. I loved the fact that there were also take-out cups available so you could have breakfast on the go. As I cannot function without coffee in the morning, this is a huge thing for me.


Travelodge Excel London

Security is a big thing too and you cannot enter a Travelodge without your room key in the evening which made me feel very safe

And actually when you attending an event that has you on your feet for ages the last thing you want to do is get on the underground and battle through the crowds of London, this for me will be the obvious choice every time I visit this area of town now.

The first evening I arrived quite late, but was able to grab a glass of wine from the bar and retreat to the room to catch up with my good friend Karen. I must say I had a great nights sleep and the cooked breakfast the next day set me up for the day ahead.

The WTM was the mot wonderful exciting event. It gave me so many exciting ideas for travel, and increased my ever-extending travel wish list hugely. But oh boy we walked miles, it was incredible but exhausting and at the end of a very long day at around 8pm we literally dragged our tired feet back to the Travelodge for a pizza. I know I had grand plans of going into town but we were all exhausted. We ended up crashing in the bar with a group of friends and ordered a bottle of wine, pizza and chips. We figured we had already walked off our meal so could go mad.

Travelodge Excel London

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the Pizza and wine and we enjoyed such a wonderful night, we laughed so much. It was a comfortable environment and just what we needed after a very long day. If you have an event of are visiting this part of town I would heartily recommend the Excel Travelodge. Its location for us was perfect. And for a budget hotel it is a brand you can trust, you know it will be clean, friendly, comfortable and safe, and a short walk from the tube station (which fortunately had returned to normal service when it was time to go home) And that is exactly what you need when traveling into London.

7 thoughts on “Travelodge London ExCeL, Perfect For Events At ExCeL And The O2”

  1. I love travelodge, I think they are great when you aren’t sure what times you’ll be coming and going. Like you say, you know what you get and they are great for when you are in a city, it’s not like you’ll be spending the day in your room, you just want somewhere clean and comfy to sleep! So glad you enjoyed it and what a great location xx

  2. I love Travelodge. They are brilliant. I used to always stay in them when I did events with my work. Because they are such good value and have everything you need in a hotel. Plus, they do great cooked breakfasts! This Travelodge looks perfect. And just what you needed after an exhausting time at the WTM. It sounds like a fabulous experience. And I can’t wait to read all your new travel posts on your blog. Hugs Mrs H xxxx PS. I love the new blog header. Xxxx


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