Travelodge London ExCeL, Perfect For Events At ExCeL And The O2

A couple of weeks ago I had the most wonderful travel event planned in London, the event was a 2-day event which meant a 2 night stay in London whoohoo. The dilemma now was where to stay? In the center of London, or local to ExCeL? If we stayed on the South Bank we were a train away but close to the bars and restaurants, or stay local to ExCeL so we didn’t have far to travel in the mornings?

We went for the local option and chose the Travelodge Excel London thinking it would be nice and easy and could always get into town if we wanted too. Well, let me tell you, we made the right decision. And this is always something to consider when staying in the city; The Docklands Light Railway decided to strike during our stay, and whilst measures were made to be sure we would get to our location it would have taken ages and been a nightmare.

Travel lodge London Excel

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