Things To Do In Baden Baden, Germany With Teenagers


Germany is a country I have never explored until recently. And is somewhere I had never considered for a family holiday. 

However after having spent a little time in Baden-Baden and Stuttgart over the last couple of months. I have realised we have the most beautiful country only an hour away, a country with so much to offer the traveling family.

Traveling with teenagers can be somewhat of a minefield. There has to be a great balance of chill time and activity. Teenagers love great food, adventure, and relaxation. But insist on access to Wi-Fi. And with mobile phone companies now offering roaming Wi-Fi packages Europe is a zone they can travel and use their personal date. Meaning they are happy and can keep in contact with the world. Making Europe a wonderful choice when traveling with teens!

Having explored the region of Fly-Baden recently I wanted to share some of the wonderful places I visited. And how a road trip taking in Baden Baden is a fantastic option for a family holiday.

Baden-Baden is a wonderful small town, perfect for family meals and long walks

It is famous for its casino, however if you are travelling with a family the town has so much more to offer. There are lots of restaurants lining the buzzing streets, perfect for alfresco dining. The town also has museums and the most beautiful park, perfect for summer picnics. Whilst shopping mad teens will love the wealth of designer stores Baden-Baden has to offer.

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A walk in Baden Baden

A view from my Balcony in Baden Baden Germany

Check out the Unimog museum, which is around 40 minutes from Baden-Baden

Now I did wonder if this would be for me? However if you do visit, take a guided tour, our guide Heinz was wonderful his passion for the Unimog shone through and his enthusiasm was infectious. I loved the tour and the very scary but exciting ride on the Unimog off-road circuit after. Anyone who loves vehicles and history will find this so interesting. The museum is not huge, however a tour takes just over an hour and is fascinating.

Even the most daring of kidies will love a ride in the Unimog, I have to say my heart was beating rather fast, but it was so much fun

Visit The Black Forest

This for me was such a highlight of the trip. The Black Forest is one of those places on Earth that you visit that makes you stand and take stock. I don’t know if it’s the air up there at the top, or the sheer beauty but wow, you cant help but fall in love with the beauty and tranquillity. And there is a lot for families to do. Including organised walks for all abilities. There is even an easy route for families with tots.

And also many lakes and rivers to admire the view or go boating. We stopped off at the Berghotel Mummelsee and had enjoyed lunch whilst taking in the breath-taking view. It is the most beautiful spot with the loveliest gift shop and cafe, a lake where you can hire Pedalos and spend an hour on the lake. I would say it’s a beauty spot, but there isn’t a spot in the Black Forest that isn’t beautiful.

A walk on a guided tour in the Black Forest

A view from the Black Forest

Head To Europa-Park the second biggest theme park in Europe

Europa-Park is the second biggest theme park in Europe and yet it’s like a big secret to us in the UK. This place is seriously epic. And anyone that knows me will know I will be so hard to please on this front being a big lover of Orlando. Yet wow, we have Europa-Park in Germany. I feel cheated that I have gone all of these years and not known about it.

I can’t wait to share a little more about Europa-Park. But in brief it is the prettiest theme park with some of the most incredible rides all set throughout themed countries that are truly beautiful.

Europa-Park also offers on site hotels that are based around various themes. I stayed in the Colosseo Hotel which is a Roman theme based around the Colosseum, it is perfect for families visiting Europa-Park. There are also many dining options throughout the hotels and the park. And with on site pools it has the perfect village feel to give the flexibility of park time, dining time and family chill time all in one glorious space. I spent 1 day and 1 night at Europa-Park and truly it was not enough.

Europa Park has rides for all ages, its great for teens

The Bell Rock Hotel Europa Park

The Courtyard at the Colleseo Hotel at Europa Park

If you have overlooked Germany as a possible family travel location before now, then I urge you to re consider. Start exploring what this beautiful country has to offer. I know it somewhere that will be high up on my family travel go to list from now on.

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12 thoughts on “Things To Do In Baden Baden, Germany With Teenagers”

  1. I had never heard of Europa-park either! What a good find. I really don’t know Germany at all so it was great to read about this area and all that there is to do with kids. Thanks!

  2. Oh I’m dying to visit, Sarah! I’ve wanted to go to the Black Forest ever since I was a child, and after hearing about Europa Park from you and Nat (Plutonium Sox), I’m desperate to take the family there, too. Gorgeous pics – I’m loving all the pine trees.

    • Nell the Black Forrest is everything you imagine it to be I fell in love with it, it just feels so calm and Europa park is incredible so much fun x

  3. This looks like such a special place to visit. We have often though of visiting Germany for the Christmas markets but now I want to visit in the summer and head to the Black Forest. Beautiful x

  4. Lived there for 5 months during covid (lol). There are some lovely villages South of there, just on the edge of the black mountains. Salzbachwalden jumps to mind. Also further South, about 2 hours, Bernau Dorf is lovely in summer and Winter 😉


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