Things I love about being a Mum


I thought of the title first. Then I sat here for ages trying to pinpoint what I love about being a Mum. And I mean ages, then I started to delete it because I couldn’t think what to write, but I felt guilty; there is no way I could delete a post I have started about what I love about being a Mum. How disloyal to the boys. But the truth is, I couldn’t list it, because I love everything, and I mean everything.

IMG_5482.JPGSo I am going to try to list it, try to quantify exactly what I love about being a Mum.

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  • Well the first thing has to be my children, obvious I know. But without these mega frustratingly wonderful boys, I would have this amazing job.
  • The fact that even though I seem to have become embarrassing in public, they still tell me they love me every day. It makes me feel so special every time they say it.
  • They have made me a braver person, you would never have got me tree trekking or climbing before they came along. But you will try almost any activity to support your children won’t you? (If you are reading this boys, I draw the line a gator land, this is NOT negotiable.  The thought of it makes me feel physically sick. And what if one of you got eaten whilst we were there? Yes you never thought of that did you)
  • Before they came along I thought that boys clothes were boring, they are actually so cool. I love buying them clothes. And they don’t mind shopping (As long as it’s for them)
  • They don’t mind my singing even sing along with me. Yet my singing is truly horrific.IMG_5596
  • They argue over whose turn it is to sit on the sofa with me, yes I never get a quiet moment but its great to be in demand.
  • Joe never ever, ever, ever stops talking to me. It’s lovely that he has so much to say to me. (Although at times my mind does wander a little)
  • We can take them anywhere; they are genuinely interested in travel, cities, love eating out and love exploring.
  • I look forward to meal times, I so love the four of us talking about our day, and planning for the next day.
  • We all laugh all the time, it is so important to laugh together as a family.

IMG_2816I could go on, there is so much to be grateful for. Yes they can be a pain; they are young and therefore normal. But they have changed me as a person. The me of 19 would not recognise the person I am now. I am so much more open-minded. I used to be so girly, which is fine, I love all things pink. But now I am equally happy in my wellies in a field, or climbing through tree’s. I have even started to love football. Being a Mum has helped me find the better me. I have loved every minute and look forward to all the memories we have ahead of us as a family.


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18 thoughts on “Things I love about being a Mum”

  1. Ahhh so glad they still love you and want to sit on the sofa with you when they’re teenagers!

    I’m totally with you on the clothing thing. I was a tiny bit gutted to find out that my toddler girl shopping trips were not to be repeated when I had the Bug, but I LOVE his clothes – especially now he’s getting his own style. Cool in a less obvious way than girl’s clothing.

    • Thanks Helen, yes I love boy shopping, they are getting expensive taste as they get older though. Think they get that from their Mum ha ha x

  2. Gorgeous post and shows how fantastic a Mum you are! You are supercool and so lovely – the boys must adore you so much. It shows. Love this, and love your posts. You’re one fab lady and amazing Mama 🙂 Jess xx

  3. Ahh what a beautiful post. And so beautifully written. You can tell by reading this you are a fantastic mother too! Isn’t it a very hard but rewarding job? I love being a mom and while I only have two little tots and lots to learn still as they grow up start school and become teenagers I am excited for it all. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • Ah thank you Jenny, yes it is hard some days. I have loved every stage of being a Mum so far you have so much to look forward too x

  4. What a gorgeous post, I love being Mum too, it is a really special priviledge and mine argue about the sofa as well, Mich x (PS: you could could link this up to my #GiveThanksThursday if you fancy for this certinaly is a gratitude post)


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