Theatre, New Starts And Sunshine


And just like a flash it was Friday, wow what a whirlwind of a week. I have job lists as long as my arms and my feet have not touched the ground. But a couple of weeks ago I asked for busy and I have well and truly got it! We started the week by having a catch up with friends, you know one of those nights when you do something you wouldn’t normally do but have the best night? It was a great start to the week and one of those evening you laugh the whole evening.

Shopping With Teenagers

And then we launched into the week with a shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks, Joe has turned into a typical teen its official, only designer brands will do from here on in! Which is a little frustrating and we are also at the blue, black and grey stage weeps!!!! I love bright colours and hate it when teens go into the ” I will only wear dull colours stage!” However Joe is thrilled with his purchases and as long as he is happy he will get good wear out of everything we bought.

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We did have a lovely day and stopped for a bit of lunch a Yo Sushi which is our favourite lunch spot. It’s such a great way to get kids to try new things, the action of getting to take food of the conveyer seems to make kids want to try new and exciting dishes.

Joe came away with lots of new clothes, which were much needed after his recent growth spurt, and I may have bought a few bits too.

Seeing Ghost The Musical 

Wow Ghost was spectacular, the whole production was just wow, but so sensitively done. It was understated but powerful. Early on in the show I wasn’t sure if I would love it, but quickly became totally in awe of the talent of the cast. Despite having seen the film many times it had me on the edge of my seat. It really is a work of art.

Watching Ghost the Musical Palace Theatre

Watching Disney On Ice

And ah Disney On Ice was just magical. I took my friend Louise and her two gorgeous little girls along. And to see it for the first time through their eyes was just wonderful. I am the BIGGEST Disney fan and just adored all those moments with the boys. We have visited Disney several times and used to go to Disney On Ice every year when they were little.

That magic is just priceless, so to see the girls so starstruck and in awe of the whole experience was like reliving it all over again. It has made me think we need another Disney trip as lets face it, you are never too old for Disney!

Th Magic Of Disney On Ice Review

Seeing Disney On Ice

More Kitchen Planning 

We took a trip to Magnet to get another set of kitchen plans drawn up. I haven’t heard back yet, but its good to get a second opinion and set of plans. There are a few things that are niggling me about the plans we have has drawn up and I so want to get it right. I am looking forwards to seeing what they come back with as I loved some of the storage and design features.

My First Day In The Salon

I was a tad nervous which is crazy as this is what I do best, but once I got into it I had the best day. There is a buzz that you get being behind a stylist chair that I can’t describe,  I am working tomorrow and can’t wait. This is totally going to give me the best of all worlds doing all the things I love and being able to fit it in to my schedule is just amazing.

Making Cocktails

And this week I went for a frozen Banana Daiquiri which is blooming delicious and so easy to make, it looks minutes. Check my my little stop motion video here to see how quick it was.

Easy Frozen Banana Daiquiri Recipe

And that’s another busy week over, with the added bonus that we are leaving the week behind and going into the bank holiday weekend with glorious sunshine, how amazing is this weather?

The Week Ahead

Is an exciting one, with a few Cricut Projects planned, we have a long family weekend ahead of us, although it will be filled with preparation jobs for all the work. But it needs doing so we are better to do it in the sunshine.

And on Tuesday night I am going to see Dirty Dancing at the Palace Theatre, I have seen it before and loved it. Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite film ever, I just adore everything about it! You know how much I love the theatre at the best of times, but I am super giddy. Think Mamma Mia level but a bit giddier! Let’s hope this sunshine holds out as it will be the perfect evening.

Have an amazing week what ever you are up to, and enjoy the sunshine.

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8 thoughts on “Theatre, New Starts And Sunshine”

  1. Ah I am so glad you are getting the best of both worlds with blogging and getting back into the salon, I know you will thrive on the buzz. Wish we were around last week as could have met in Cheshire Oaks for a coffee, as we are only 15 minutes away, and yes I know all about the dark clothes stage with Katie lol. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. oh Wow what an exciting week. I wish I could get to see as much theatre as you. I don’t get to go very often and rarely get good seats because of my wheelchair. Well done on your successful return to work! It sounds like you have another busy week ahead, I do hope this lovely weather holds out. Happy Easter x

  3. Disney on Ice is always such a magical experience, how lovely that you went with your friend and her girls. I definitely agree you are never too old for Disney ! It sounds like your first day back in the salon was a great one, there’s nothing better than doing a job you love and are passionate about. I think you are in luck with the weather for next week, the forecast looks good. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend x

  4. Ahh! My teen is the same she only ever wears dark colours. I’m glad I still have my youngest who loves the bright colours. hehehe
    Disney on Ice is fab isn’t it. We saw it a few years ago and it was just magical.
    I’m glad the first day at the salon went well.
    Have a fab Easter x

  5. I miss the red I used to dress them in when they were little. Every now and again, they chose something not dark and I can’t help smiling. Love the photos from your Disney on Ice. So sweet in their dresses. Sounds like it was a good move to get back to the salon. I can see how it suits your creative side. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. #wotw

  6. I too am dreading the dark clothes stage! Hopefully I’ve got a few years left before that hits!

    Sounds like a great trip to Cheshire Oaks though, haven’t been there for years!!

    Back in the salon? What have I missed??


  7. I’m so glad you loved being back in the Salon! Great that you can do all the things you love. I’ve never been to Disney on Ice, I’m not sure my youngest would enjoy it, and I know my bigger boys wouldn’t. I’m off shopping, next week, for teen clothes, I’ll have to see what he chooses x


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