Center Parcs 4 Bedroom Executive Lodge With Games Room


Every year since Joe was born we have spent the weekend before Christmas at Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest. The first year we booked it because it was the only time we could fit in a break that year. But we fell in love with the Winter Wonderland vibe, and have visited every year since. On this particular trip we chose to stay in the 4 Bedroom Executive Lodge With Games Room. Here is a quick guide to the lodge.

4 Bedroom Executive Lodge With Games Room At Center Parcs

Why Did We Choose A Games Room Lodge?

Outside the lodges at centre parcs

Over the years we have done so many  Center Parcs activities in that time, to the point that this year the boys were just not bothered about booking activities. I think this had a lot to do with the fact that we had only booked the 2-day pre-Christmas break this year due to the way Christmas fell. As we like to come home just in time for Christmas, the week before would not have felt the same.

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The lounge area in the 4 bedroom executive lodge at Center Parcs

We also decided to share an executive lodge with our friends. As we figured as we have been away together for 6 years and not fallen out, and were constantly trekking to the sports plaza so the boys could play pool. Thus made the decision to book a 4 bedroom executive lodge with games together.

Are The 4 Bedroom Executive Lodges Like Other Center Parcs Executive Lodges?

Yes, apart from the addition of the games room the lodges are exactly the same in layout, standard and facilities.

The Extras You Can Expect To Find In An Any Executive Lodge At Center Parcs.

  • En-suite bath and shower rooms
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • Flat screen TV’s in all bedrooms
  • Wine cooler  
  • Hydrobath
  • Coffee machine
  • Private sauna in all three-bedroom Executive Lodges 
  • Games room come complete with pool table and board games in most four-bedroom lodges (please check at time of booking).

What Are The Differences Between The 4 Bedroom Executive Lodge And The Woodland Lodge?

You will find the below facilities in the Woodland Lodges at Center Parks. See the above section for what extras you will find in Executive Lodges. Also the decor in a Woodland Lodges is a different colour. Woodland Lodges oranges and greens (in never lodges) whereas Executives are red and plum shades.

The Executive Lodges also have lamps for a little more atmosphere which makes them feel a little cosier.

  • Dishwasher and tablets
  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Fridge and freezer space
  • Four hobs and oven
  • Crisp white bed linen
  • Towels
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Log burner
  • Family bathroom
  • Family dining table
  • Private patio and barbeque stand

All About The 4 Bedroom Executive Lodge With Games Room

Do Center Parcs Executive Lodges have en suites?

Yes, every one of the 4 bed rooms has an ensuite and 2 of the bedrooms have a bath, 1 of which was a spa bath. Toiletries are also provided but they are basic and towels are changed daily.

We found the housekeepers came a little too early for us. However they did return later when we asked them to.

bedroom in a games room lodge at centre parcs all bedroom have an en suit bathroom

Centre Parcs Kitchen Facilities In The 4 Bed Executive Lodge.

The kitchens in Center Parcs Lodges are well equipped with a fridge with freezer compartment, wine fridge, gas oven and hob, dishwasher, 4 slice toaster and also a microwave.

Dish-clothes, sponges, bin bags and tea towels are provided as are dishwasher tablets. Washing up liquid is also provided but in small sachets to I suggest buying your own. We also always take extra tea towels as I like to use fresh ones and not reuse.

If you like a spritzer, I found the wine glasses are very small, I suggest taking your own.

The Coffee Machine Is A Bosch Tassimo Machine

We were provided with 3 Kenco pods per day, and also sachets of coffee, tea and individual tea bags, however also took our own to ensure we had a good supply of coffee.

Inside the kitchen of a lodge you will find a dishwasher, oven, microwave, toaster, fridge with freezer compartments, tasssimo machine and wine cooler

What Is In The Games Room In The 4 Bed Games Room Lodge?

The executive lodge games room features a pool table and Xbox and flat screen tv with a sofa. It’s a large room with plenty of space to fit the whole family for a games night, to also perfect to use as a teen chill out room. You must pay a refundable deposit of £100 to hire the Xbox games and the remote controls from the village centre. And there is a choice of family friendly games available or you can take your own.

the games room has a pool table, separate patio area, large tv and xbox
A look around the 4 Bedroom Executive Games Room Lodge at Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest

The great thing about swapping your games is that you can have many hours of fun dancing away to Now Dance one night and the next evening testing your agility on the Family challenge.

I didn’t think I would use the games room its just not my thing, but when traveling with friends it is such a great option, and as the weather was so bad that weekend that it was a godsend having a space like this.  We were also able to enjoy mulled wine but the open fire whilst all the boys battled at pool.

My Thoughts On The 4 Bed Games Room Lodge?

This Executive lodge At Center Parcs is a fantastic option when traveling with friends, especially with kids, and most definitely an option I would consider again. For more info check out the Center Parcs Site.





19 thoughts on “Center Parcs 4 Bedroom Executive Lodge With Games Room”

  1. I don’t think I should have read your post today, when all I can think of is last week we would have been heading to Whinfell. I LOVE the look of the lodge you stayed in. The games room must have been a great addition, and I must admit Hywel and Morgan spent a fair bit of time at The Sports Plaza playing pool. And lamps !!!! don’t get me started on this subject. I really wish the woodland lodges had lamps in the living area, as its either too bright or too dark. I think I might pack my own next time lol. Glad sharing the lodge worked out well. I think sharing would be the only way we would get to stay in an exec lodge with games room. Oh I do love Centerparcs xx

    • I know Tracey it is so annoying not having a lamp, the lodge was fab we spent a fortune last time in the sports plaza, we still nipped in for a drink and the boys had a game of pool, but they loved the games room so much x

  2. Hi Sarah, I’ve never been to a Center Parcs, but that lodge looks lovely. I bet the boys loved the games room too, a perfect way of ensuring that everyone had their bit of space.


  3. We haven’t been to Centre Parcs for years but I would love to go back. It looks amazing Sarah! I’ve stumbled this post as I’m having a go at seeing whether it brings more traffic and how it works! Bear with 😉

  4. Thanks for the info..we are staying in a games lodge at whinfell in 3 weeks..number 88 ..we’ve been before but stayed in the woodland lodges..looking forward to it..could you tell me a little more about the you need to collect the console or just the games and controls? As we have plenty of these we could take what make is the coffee maker..thanks in advance x

    • Shirley I cant remember what make the coffee machine is, and the xbox was a 360 and yes we had to pay a deposit at reception for controls and games £100 I think but they returned it no problems, we did take one controller ourselves that connected no problem. Hope that helps and have a great time x

      • Thank you xx know it sounds bonkers about the coffee machine but heard they were pod ones so was trying to be organised.we have lots of Xbox games and several controllers so will try with them first…


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