Sunshine, Easter Walks And Dirty Dancing


Ah what a wonderful week its been, but wow has it flown. Did you have a great Easter? Lets start with the weather, omg how amazing has the weather been? This time last year it was cold and snowy, but what a treat its been. And what better time to have glorious weather than Easter Weekend? It has made it perfect for packing family time in, going for long walks and the odd spot of sunbathing, I mean come on, it would have been rude not too. But it wasn’t all sunbathing and cocktails, here is what else I have been up to this week.

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Flying Kites 

As soon as Joe saw the sunshine on Friday morning he was up and out in the garden, which is not like him. Teens much prefer sleep to sunshine. He had found a kite which we had all forgotten about and was flying it up the back of the garden. However the weather was glorious with not much wind so we decided to venture to the field behind our house, which is at the top of a hill, offering guaranteed wind. Sometimes its the simple things that create so much joy, isn’t it? We spent some time flying the kite. Toby and I mainly trying to keep out of the way, he was not to keen about the giant bird like thing swooping above his head.

Flying a Kite

The Pendle Sculpture Trail 

The Pendle Sculpture Trail was our great discovery of the week, its in one of our local villages and something we had meant to check out for a while. As we sat enjoying a coffee on the patio on Sunday morning, I know my favourite kind of weekend morning! We decided that we would get ready and head to the trail before the crowds arrived. Our little villages get so busy at the weekend, we live in such a beautiful spot, and that draws people from all over.

And the trail was spectacular, in all it was around a 4 mile walk but worth the walk, full of sculptures and magical creatures. And the best views peeping through the woodland. I imagine its beautiful whatever the weather , but on a sunny day its truly stunning.

Pixie Sculpture at the Pendle Trail

Pendle Hill From Barley

Bank Holiday Weekend

Working In The Garden 

We have had work to do in the garden, the area is clear and ready for the extension now. Now we waiting on planning permission, fingers crossed. But in the meantime have created an extra area in the garden. The aim is the create little areas that chase the sun as it moves up the garden throughout the day, so have sunshine all day long. We have lived in our house for 8 years and I have no idea why we didn’t think of this before?

Watching Dirty Dancing 

My good friend Kelly and enjoyed a sunny evening in Manchester enjoying dinner at Albert Schloss and then watching Dirty Dancing at the Palace Theatre, it was amazing. The film is my fave ever and the show did not disappoint. Everything the way they wove a little humour into the story, the costumes, cast and hair it was all so true to the movie without being a cheesy copy. The whole audience exploded at the end it was incredible. And sunny nights in Manchester are just glorious the atmosphere was fantastic.

Dirty Dancing The Palace Theatre Manchester

The Week Ahead

We have a quiet weekend planned, I am working tomorrow and still getting used to working on Saturday, but love the buzz of salon life. I do have a little theatre trip planned, and next week to see the King and I at the Opera House in Manchester. Oh I just adore the film and the score so can’t wait to see how it transforms to stage.

Have an amazing week ahead whatever you are up to, and lets hope the sun comes back very soon!

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10 thoughts on “Sunshine, Easter Walks And Dirty Dancing”

  1. We love kite flying. Fab that it still appeals to teens. Poor Toby. Hope he’s got over it. The sculpture trails does sound good. I’m ont he look out for one near us. Absolutely love the idea of chasing the sun around the garden. We kind of do it, but always room for improvement. Hope your theatre trip is good. I remember seeing it in London with Yul Brynner in the lead. Fantastic. #wotw

  2. I love your photos, it’s lovely to get out in the sunshine. I’d love to see Dirty Dancing, but I’d love to see The King And I even more. Have a great time. The sculpture trail looks totally amazing.

  3. The weather was glorious wasn’t it, we were so lucky this year. The sculpture trail looks amazing, I’ve already factored it into our plans for summer. We haven’t flown a kite for such a long time, Joe looks like he’s having fun ! Have a lovely weekend x

  4. The Easter weekend was lovely wasn’t it. Since then it hasn’t been so great here. Rain, wind and gloomy days.
    That kite looks fantastic and the Sculpture Trail looks like a lot of fun!
    Good luck with getting the planning permission.
    Have a great weekend x

  5. We are currently visiting my grandson in Colorado, and it is good kite-flying weather here as well. We are going to fly his kite this afternoon. Loved seeing your photos of the Sculpture trail.

  6. Oh wow lovely your pictures are stunning, I could look at the blue sky all day. Easter weekend was glorious, we had the paddling pool out! Dirty Dancing looks amazing, it is one of my favourite films.

  7. I still can’t believe how blessed we were with the Easter weekend weather. Lovely pictures Sarah, and well done Joe for getting out of bed and flying a kite. Most untypical teen behaviour lol. Have a lovely week x


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