My Sunday Photo, A Chess Game In Germany


Has a picture ever got under your skin?

This is one of those pictures. I am not quite sure exactly what it is. Yet, it’s not the norm is it?  Two men sat in the middle of a busy street playing chess, young and old. Totally immersed in the game. And let me tell you the area was packed. But they were unaware, enjoying the game and each others company.

What struck me was how relaxed they were, how at ease they were in that environment. I stopped to take a photo and they never batted an eyelid. Different generations, enjoying a game of chess, it just took my breath away. It could have been taken anywhere, you would hope this is echoed around the world. Yet it was taken on my trip to Germany. Such a beautiful moment and one that shows that there need not be a generation gap, just acceptance.

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My Sunday Photo, A Chess Game In Germany


15 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo, A Chess Game In Germany”

  1. I love the concentration and the contrast in ages in this shot. It’s funny how you see this scene replicated in many countries across Europe – I’ve seen it a few times in Italy too – sadly I can’t think of anywhere in the UK where you see chess being played outdoors like this.

    • Yes Tim I had not thought of that but you are so right, and I love the whole vibe of this pic it really made me smile at the time x


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