Spring, Wearing Skirts and Wishing For Summer


It’s funny how wearing skirts became something I just don’t do? I love getting dressed up for an event and wearing a lovely dress and heels. But events don’t happen that often.

I think that is part of the reason I love cruising so much that guaranteed opportunity to get dressed up every single night. Yet in my everyday life I am rubbish, I live in jeans. And when I think back I always have.

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I recently talked about confidence and how I feel about pushing myself with fashion and taking photos of myself. How I am endeavoring to push that boundary of only wearing what is comfy.

Jeans can be stylish, dressed up and dressed down, and have become my staple wardrobe item. I don’t shop for an outfit, I shop for lovely tops, blazers and shoes to go with my jeans. I think they have become part of me, and my style.

Spring, Wearing Skirts and Wishing For Summer

So much so when I walked into the kitchen wearing this gorgeous grey jersey skirt from HotSquash this week, all the Christie boys stopped what they were doing.

They literally all stopped dead and looked at me. I will be honest it knocked me of guard a bit, I mean for goodness sake I wasn’t wearing a bikini, just a simple skirt. But here’s the thing, we aren’t on holiday or going to a party so it threw them all a little.

I found myself explaining I was trying to wear more skirts! I mean really, why was I explaining this? Anyhow a second or two later everybody carried on going about their business. My skirt was forgotten and the moment was over.

Spring, Wearing Skirts and Wishing For Summer

Spring, Wearing Skirts and Wishing For Summer

Spring, Wearing Skirts and Wishing For Summer

Spring, Wearing Skirts and Wishing For Summer

Instagram has a lot to do with my shift in attitude, my decision to break away from the denim.

Not totally, I am not ready for that. But lets start with a day or two a week, and go from there. I will take it steady. Because Rome wasn’t built-in a day. And I am not going to be rocking gorgeous skirts and dresses very day of the week over night. But I want to get away from wearing clothes only due to habit, and rock floaty skirts and day dresses.

And you know what? I survived a day in a skirt ha ha. I have no idea what I thought would happen to me. For the first hour or so I felt like I stood out, everyone was looking at me. As if they were? Because how we feel is all about us, not others.

Going forward I fully intent to rock a few more skirts and dresses, and not just on cruises, holidays, weddings and events. But on Wednesdays, shopping trips and school runs. As having a sense of style is about being comfortable in your own skin, trying out new fashion ideas and not being scared of change.

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