Free Penguin Coloring Alphabet Letters and Numbers


Today, we are sharing our free printable Penguin Coloring Alphabet Letters And Number set. This colouring alphabet and numbers will make wonderful penguin-inspired activities for little hands to develop fine motor skills.

Use our awesome penguin coloring pages as an easy, instant download Printable. But also for planning teacher-led North and. South Pole-themed lessons and fun art projects in the home.

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Free Printable Penguin Coloring Alphabet & Numbers

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Free Printable Penguin Coloring Alphabet And Number Pages

10 Interesting Facts About Penguins

  1. Penguins are flightless birds that have evolved to be excellent swimmers instead.
  2. Penguins might look black and white, but some species have unique markings, like the Gentoo penguin’s orange beak and feet.
  3. Penguin parents often share parenting duties. Dads might keep the eggs warm on their feet while moms go hunting for food.
  4. Penguins have a distinctive waddling walk due to their short legs and wide bodies. It’s both cute and practical!
  5. Penguins are agile swimmers and can leap out of the water and dive deep to catch fish and other seafood.
  6. Penguins’ black and white coloration is like a tuxedo. This helps them blend with the ocean and sky when they’re swimming.
  7. To survive in cold climates, penguins have a layer of fat and dense feathers that keep them warm.
  8. While some penguins live in cold Antarctica, others live in more temperate areas like South Africa and South America.
  9. Penguins love company! They often gather in large colonies for warmth, protection, and social interaction.
  10. Penguins make various sounds to communicate with each other, from loud calls to distinctive “hums” that help them find their mates.
Penguin alphabet ABC coloring Alphabet

Ideas For Using These Printable Penguin Alphabet And Numbers Colouring Pages

  • Make Penguin flags or banners.
  • Upload you Penguin letters to Digital coloring apps.
  • Print on watercolour paper and use watercolours.
  • Make a custom Penguin themed coloring book for personal use.
  • Use at home, in school or nurseries for Penguin inspired lessons and activities
Penguin alphabet coloring pages

The Best Tools for Coloring

What are the best tools for coloring in pages? Try some of our favourite tools to get the best results when coloring in your drawing;

How To Get Your Penguin ABC Coloring Pages Alphabet Printable’s?

Click here or the image below to get your free Penguin Colouring/Coloring downloads from our download shop. And either send it to the printer or upload it to a pc and use the alphabet letters on a colouring or processing program. 

Click here for our Penguin coloring alphabet

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