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And just like that, Christmas is almost here. Can you believe it’s a week today? I haven’t even written my Christmas cards arghhh!

But sometimes it’s vital to just stop and think of what’s really important. Those little moments, not the big gifts and grand gestures. Because that’s not what we remember is it?

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Family Christmas Eve Box
Christmas Hot Chocolate Mug
Christmas Eve Box

Christmas is a time to Pass The Love On to friends and family

And, for this reason, Thorntons is working with SSAFA, the charity that supports our servicemen and servicewomen, veterans and their families. And a donation of sales of all products in the Thorntons Continental selection range will go directly to SSAFA. Having a brother who has spent many a Christmas serving abroad this is a charity close to my heart. Because Christmas is about people and family not things.

Can anyone honestly remember exactly what they got for Christmas when they were 12, or 16?  No, we vaguely remember, but what we do remember is the family time spent together, the Christmas parties and most importantly Christmas Eve.

For me Christmas Eve is more exciting than Christmas Day, waking up to all that anticipation and excitement. Knowing there is only one more sleep till Christmas.

What to put in a Christmas Eve Box For Teens
Thorntons Pass The Love

As part of Thorntons “Pass The Love On” campaign, the team at Thorntons have asked me to show how I like to Pass The Love On to my family.

Just because they are older, does not mean I don’t still work hard to keep that Christmas magic alive. I know I harp on about this all the time, but it’s up to us to keep the magic going. To never give up. And you see it all the time don’t you? I often hear people say Christmas is not magic now my kids are older. OMG WHY!

You see my thinking is that Christmas should be every bit as magical, that magic is still in our hands, hearts and minds just like it always has been. So hold on to it tight, keep hold of the traditions. the Christmas music, the twinkly lights because I guarantee, our teens despite the grunting, want us to do just that. They may roll their eyes but when you are all snuggled up on Christmas Eve morning they appreciate the magic that they are too cool to admit hanging on to.

One of my ways of keeping it magical is doing a Christmas Eve box, when the boys were little Peter the Elf used to leave the box to indicate Santa was coming, that they had made it to the good list, we still call it the Peter box. But now it’s filled with goodies for a chilled Christmas Eve movie evening.

This year our hamper is decorated with home made winter flowers and twinkly lights, and is is packed full of goodies all intended for a family evening by the log burner.

Including, snuggly pjs, the Thorntons Continental selection, perfect for sharing over a festive movie, a festive candle, home made hot chocolate mugs with everything you need to make steaming mugs of hot chocolate (coco powder,  marshmallows and our favourite 3 Thorntons Chocolates, we all have our particular faves don’t we?) and home made paper straws with festive messages on to avoid whipped cream moustaches.

Snow Day Christmas Mug Made With Cricut Maker
What to put in a Christmas Eve Box
Hot Chocolate Mug Gift
Toby In A Santa Hat

Oh and a gift for Toby, he can’t eat treats but does love a present opening. Shhhh don’t tell Peter the Elf but we have a trying on session.

I alway make home made goodies, such a personalised mugs and decorate our hamper, creating something with love gives me as much joy as enjoying the moment. Us parents of teens are all so aware of the sand running through the proverbial hour glass, that seems to go faster every year. So don’t give up, keep that magic going, because through rolling eyes and all that hair, deep down our teens are still loving the fuss and family moments. I still remember them and I am sure you do to.

This is a paid collaboration, however Peter The Elf does indeed visit every year, the Christie’s do all adore Christmas Eve, Thorntons Chocolates and getting on the good list and all thoughts and photos are my own. 

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