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Noughty Wave Hello Hair Care Products Are Vegan, Cruelty Free And Many Are Uk Curly Girl Approved

I having been using Noughty hair products for a year now. And I have swapped and changed and tried a few over that time. But the Noughty Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo and Wave Hello Curl Defining Conditioner are my go to curly girl shampooing products.

Noughty Hello Wave Curly Girl Aproved Products

How Do You Know If Products Are Curly Girl UK Friendly?

Check out the Curlsbot website, this is a great Curly Girl resource that allows you to cut and paste ingredients into it. This allow you check they are curly girl friendly. And is fantastic for us UK curlies, as lots of advice out there is American based. It also works well on mobile for those times you are stood looking at a product and are not sure.

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Noughty Products And The Curly Girl Method On Blonde Processed Hair

Being a blonde curly girl my journey has been quite different. There is so much conflicting info out there about following curly girl with processed hair. I am here to tell you blondes can do curly girl. I have read about people growing their blonde out, even though they love it, as high lift colours are not curly girl friendly.

This is true, high lift blonde hair colour is not curly girl friendly. However you can still use is and have curls, this method is a guideline, the key here is use what works for your hair. Curly Girl is about embracing your curls and feeling great about yourself. Follow as many guidelines as you can, but still be who you want to be. And if thats being blonde, then go and rock that!

Curly girl Uk approved Noughty hello wave product review

Noughty Wave Hello, Curly Girl Approved Products

Noughty Curl Defining Shampoo Review For Curly Girl UK

Noughty Wave hello shampoo is a low-poo shampoo. This is is a gentler version of shampoo, compared to shampoo that is full chemicals. Low-poo shampoos generally do not have silicones and sulphates, or have mild sulphate and silicones in them.

For this reason they lather less, which as a hairdresser feels odd. However they are also kinder for the hair. Gently cleansing and removing products and dirt without stripping the hair.

I can really tell the difference in condition using the curl defining shampoo, partly as I am shampooing my hair less but also because the product is kinder. Also, my scalp is less oily which means I don’t want to wash my hair as often.

Curly Girl Uk friendly shamppo and conditioner review

Curly Girl UK Approved Noughty Curl Defining Conditioner

  • Once the shampoo is well rinsed I apply the conditioner and gently brush through with a Denman brush. (I only ever brush my hair when it has conditioner on)
  • Then scrunch your curls to promote the curl formation, I do this for about a minute until my curls start to take shape again after brushing.
  • Rinse thoroughly and re-scrunch before wrapping hair in a microfibre towel.

I adore the Curl Defining Conditioner, my hair is very porous, I colour my roots every two weeks yet it conditions my hair without feeling heavy.

Styling Curly Hair With Noughty Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream

I like to use a styling gel to scrunch my hair, however always scrunch in a 50p piece size of taming cream into my wet scrunched hair before adding any other products. Curl taming cream is wonderful as a pre conditioning, taming product, I apply scrunch and plop in my microfibre towel for 5 minutes before applying gel.

Noughty Wave Hello Proucts Review

Curl Taming Cream Is Also Great For Refreshing Curls Between Shampoos

I like to very slightly dampen my hair with a a dot of taming cream and re diffuse in the mornings to refresh my curls. If I do this I find I can last 5 days between washes.

This is a great range for uk curly girls and it is compatible for porous blonde hair. If you would like to give it a go head over to the rafflecopter for a chance to win a set of Wave Hello shampoo, conditioner and taming cream.

For more hair advice READ THIS post for lots of Curly Girl Tips UK and curly girl approved products UK including how to get started with the curly girl method.

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Disclaimer I was gifted these products for review purposes and this post contains affiliate links.

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  1. You do look gorgeous with your curly hair Sarah, it really suits you. I’ve been following the CGM for nearly 2 years now but I’ve never tried the noughty products, really need to give them a go.

  2. OMG ive heard about these products there meant to be amazing would absolutely adore winning this prize – good luck everyone x


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