Curly Girl Approved Products, UK And Advice And Tips For Beginners

I started following Curly Girl Method around 6 months ago and it’s been a journey! Especially finding Curly Girl Approved Products UK as lots are not available in the UK

Ok I will be honest its been more that a journey its been a blooming struggle, and I am a hairdresser! A good hairdresser, yet my own hair has been the bane of my life for a month. 3 weeks ago I nearly gave up. I mean come on, how long can a woman walk around looking like Worzel Gummidge? Do you remember that dude? Sadly for me I sported his style for far to long in my opinion. I could see friends looking at my lion’s mane of frizz thinking WHY? I thought I would create Curly Girl UK product advice and tips for beginners

Fellow curlies have been supportive, coaching me, telling me not to give up. Donna and Elena have not only been a huge support but have also created some great British Curlies  Tips posts.

So what is The Curly Girl Method?

Curly Girl is a method of styling and drying your hair to embrace your natural curls. Lorraine Massey created it via The Curly Girl handbook a guide to Curly hair. Lorraine wanted to embrace her curls and teach others do the same.

I have spent a big part of my life doing everything I can to straighten my curls, endless products, hair straighteners and avoiding the rain which results in curls. And don’t even get me started on traveling. Have you seen the episode of Friends when Monica goes to Barbados? So having the chance to mothball my straighteners for a while felt so freeing.

Where Do I Start with Curly Girl Method Uk? How to start curly girl method!

Donna has created a great guide on how to get started here, check it out; it’s a step-by-step guide and is a brilliant place to start. But I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Curly Girl Approved Products UK as that is what I have found the hardest part. Finding Curly Girl Compatible hair products.

Curly girl tips UK and Curly Girl Approved Products, UK

How do you find UK Curly Girl Approved Products?

It’s all about research, the key is that the products must have only have certain silicon’s, no sulphates or drying alcohols. It’s a minefield. So do your research before you go shopping and use the Curlsbot. Simply Google the product you want to try cut and paste the ingredients into the Curlsbot and it will tell you if indeed that product is approved. I have found Superdrug the best site for recording ingredients. But to get you started I have done a little research for you.

Curly Girl Approved Products Uk? And where can you buy Curly Girl hair products in the UK?

Is Cantu Curly Girl Friendly?

Yes most Cantu products are, here are my favourites from the range;

Cantu Shea Butter 

These are packed with moisture for when you hair is feeling extra dry, it is also great on thick hair. And is perfect for packing the hair with moisture.

Cantu also offer an amazing hair gel for the curly girl method

Style with the Define and Shine custard, this gives a fantastic curl result. Top tip, the curling custard feels crispy when you first use it, work through that and the results are amazing.  Products are priced between £5.49 and £7.99 and can be found in-store at Superdrug and online at Amazon.

Cantu Products for Uk Curl Girl Method

Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask With Lemon

 Is a NoPoo detergent free cleanser 

which is perfect for the days you want to cleans and moisturizer rather than clarify the hair. Its light and makes and makes the hair feel lightly cleansed without stripping it. And costs £39 pounds from SpaceNK but is concentrated so will last ages.

Curly Girl UK aproved Cleansing Mask

Noughty Wave Hello Range

This is my favourite Curly Girl UK Leave In Conditioner. Noughty is also great if you are following Curly Girl on a budget.

These are super light products, which are great for finer hair but still fantastic if your hair is porous. They also make your hair feel really bouncy, I adore the leave in conditioner it’s a lovely product for refreshing too. All products are prices £6.99 and available at Superdrug.

Curly Girl UK Product Advice And Tips For Beginners, Noughty Curly Girl Aproved Products

Shea Moisture Curl And Shine Range

My favourite Curly Girl UK Shampoo

All available in Superdrug around the £10, £11 pounds mark. They smell divine! And are great on dry hair. You need to really scrunch the conditioner in but the results are great and it’s not too heavy.

Shea Moisture curly girl uk approved

Tropic Nourishing Hair Wash, Hair Feast And Scalp massager

My favourite luxury curly girl UK products

I had been using Tropic hair products for a couple of months prior to starting to follow the Curly Girl method and love these products; they are conditioning and rich but not over heavy. I was thrilled to find these were CG friendly. They cost £18 each but last ages.

Tropic Hair Care Shampoo Conditioner and Oil

My Top UK Curly Girl Method Tips

Research Curly Girl Approved Products UK, having the correct information available when shopping makes such a difference.

I seem to have made all the mistakes going, here are a few of the things I have picked up along the way.

Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week and leave it on.

Do not brush your hair unless it has rinse off conditioner on it! I use the Tropic scalp massager to comb my conditioner through. Some recommend using a Denman brush, but the massager works for me.

Scrunch in your leave in condition and styling products when your hair is dripping wet and squish the hair to encourage those curls. You hair should feel squishy and sticky.

Remmington Hairdryer and Diffuser for UK Curly Girl Mathod

Hair Plopping Advice, Don’t use a towel on the hair

Plop the hair, plopping is wrapping you hair in a microfiber towel or t-shirt. Ensure you scrunch the curls in, a bit like an accordion to promote and form the curl, and don’t plop for too long, 5 minutes works for me. If I leave it too long, well lets just say it’s a disaster.

Use a diffuser to scrunch the hair, I use the Remington Pink Lady, Retro Dryer. The dryer is light, the diffuser prongs stick above the diffuser, which help air circulate around the hair as you diffuse. Its lightweight and comes with a bag making it easy to pack up for travelling. And shall we just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous this dryer is, it’s a work of art?

Whilst diffusing, if you are using the Cantu Curling Custard your hair will go through a crispy stage, don’t panic, work through it and once its dry you can gently scrunch the crunch out.

Don’t over wash your hair. The less you wash it the better, I aim for twice a week. The aim is the keep the hair in great condition the more you wash it, the more you remove the natural oils.

Curly Girl UK Help, What if the Curly Girl Method Is not working?

I find when my curls start to drop it is time for a haircut. My hair is quite thick so I find a good trim and thin out reboots my curls. When my hair gets too thick it will not curl, however once thinned out it is sooooo curly. This is not the case for everyone, some curlies have the thickest hair and it still curls. A cut and thin out is certainly worth a try if you are not getting results.  Also check out Donnas guide the link is above and she offers some great tips to get the curly girl method right.

Can I have a break from Curly Girl?

All the advice says  not, yes I have just had a two month break, I wanted straight hair for a while. As long as you stick to curly girl products going back to CK method is not a problem. In fact my hair went straight back into its curls.

After 6 months my hair is feeling in better condition and I am washing it less, and although I am adding so much moisture it does not get greasy. Will I follow it forever? I am not 100% sure, however for now I am loving embracing my curls.

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