Enjoying Norwegian Fjord Trout With Daniel Galmiche


Last week on a gorgeous sunny September afternoon I headed down to London

There is nothing better than having a wander, taking some photos and enjoying a delicious lunch and people watching in a gorgeous bistro, it’s such a treat. After my leisurely lunch, I headed to the Good Housekeeping institute in Soho with some fab bloggers, to find out more about Fjord Trout.  Michelin Star Chef Daniel Galmiche hosted the event. And spent some time telling us all about Norwegian Trout, before a demonstrating how best to cook and serve it to the get the best of the flavour.

Enjoying Norwegian Fjord Trout and Daniel Galmiche

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Enjoying Norwegian Fjord Trout and Daniel Galmiche

Norwegian Trout originates from the Norwegian Fjords. Where the fish are the only trout that grow in a mix of pure glacial meltwater and Arctic salt water. This coupled with nutritious diet results it deep orange fresh colour. The fish grow slowly over several years to around 4-6 kilo’s in weight. And as the trout stores all of its fat in the belly, the meat is a firm texture and very low in fat. It is also  naturally high in Omega-3 and is an excellent source of protein.

Daniel started by demonstrating how to bone and fillet the Trout, and remove and leftover bones.  The benefit of seeing this process was the fact that we could see the composition of the fish and the ratio of fat to meat.  There really is not much waste to the trout at all. Of course the fat could be used for cooking, or disposed.

And if you are not a fan of de-boning and filleting fish!

Norwegian Trout will be arriving on the fish counter at Tesco very soon. And thankfully it will mainly be available in fillet portions. Much easier if you have a chaotic life-like mine. And not much available meal preparation time during the week.

Once Daniel had prepared the trout he demonstrated a quick and easy almond and lemon recipe perfect for midweek meals, which tasted delicious. And the best tip I have ever learnt when cooking fish, don’t place the fish directly onto the pan surface, but line it wish a circle of grease proof paper! I had no idea you could do this, it works perfectly.

Enjoying Norwegian Fjord Trout and Daniel Galmiche

Enjoying Norwegian Fjord Trout and Daniel Galmiche

As Daniel cooked he offered lots of serving suggestions for canapés and meals. I tried a variety of different canapés which all tasted amazing, I love the delicate flavour of the trout.I would eat fish every day of the week if I could. Unfortunately for me the Christie boys are not fans of strong flavour, this really limits the fish I can cook with.

Fjord Trout however could be a real hit with them, it has a meatier texture and milder flavour, which I am sure they will love. As soon as it hits the fish counter in Tesco I will be stocking up and trying some of the recipes. I always feel a bit conscious of trying out new products midweek when we are all so busy.

Getting to see the trout cooked, and tasting the results has given me real confidence it will be something I can incorporate into the midweek meal plan. And what better recommendation than Daniel endorsing and cooking with the trout in his own restaurant.


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