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Hello! How has your week been? It’s been another busy one over here. Another trip to the hospital grrrr, I really do spend to much time in hospitals with our boys for my liking. But other than that its been a fab week full of glitter and glamour and lots of moments that have made me proud. 

We Started Off Last Weekend With Remembrance Day

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And wow that was an emotional one, being the sister of a soldier (thankfully he has just retired) makes it a tough one every year. I can’t describe the constant fear of having a loved one fighting out on the front line.

That feeling every time another tragic death is announced, that it might be your loved one. God it makes me well up thinking about it. Even though you know family are the first to know, there is still that nagging voice that says but what if there is a communication breakdown? And ok it was not him. we are the lucky ones. But it was his friends and colleagues, people he loved. War really has no winners does it?

This year was also the first year that Joe marched as an Air Cadet. He has practiced for weeks and was so proud when he was all kitted out in his uniform. At the moment it is his dream to go into the RAF, I am not sure how I feel about it to be honest.

Joe Air Cadets

But for now the Air Cadets are a wonderful organisation and he is so proud to be part of it. He is learning a lot, and making some great friends. We were so so proud of him as he and the other cadets marched at the front of the Remembrance parade alongside veterans. The respect they showed thought-out the service was incredible. It was a very proud parent moment, I cried buckets.

Seeing Kinky Boots 

I nearly never made it as we had spent the day at the hospital, Joe had somehow managed to displace a muscle in his hip. It was so painful he could not weight-bear at all. But thanks to an incredible physio we were home for tea time and he was back walking again, slowly, but it is improving very quickly thank goodness. What is is with the Christie boys are their blooming legs?

Fortunately I just managed to make it back in time for a quick change and  rush back out for the show.  We just made it to Manchester in time for a snack at itsu, have you been? Its soooo good. And we arrived at the Opera House just in time for the show. 

A night in Manchester

Kinky Boots is one of the best shows I have ever seen, check out my review but it really is the ultimate feel good show, and I left being totally in love with Lola and totally jealous of her legs. The message it sends is incredible I didn’t want it to end. 

Callum Francis as Lola with Angels in Kinky Boots_Photo Helen Maybanks.

Haircuts and New Sweaters

I had a major chop this week, I wasn’t growing my hair it just grows so quick and I hate it long. I can’t explain how much better I feel now it’s back in a bob, its so much easier to manage and feels trendier. The longer my hair gets the frumpier I feel. I look at other people and think long hair is great, then my hair grows and I hate it with a passion. 

New Sweater From New Look

I also picked up this gorgeous chunky knit from New Look this week. Its not somewhere I usually shop but there were loads of lovely things I could have bought so much.

My New Project Love Goodbye, Hello Life Planner

This is not to be confused with a traditional planner, the Goodbye, Hello planner is filled with thought provoking questions, it’s like a life coach in a book. Well almost! It enables you to set out a plan to discover what you want to achieve for 2019. 

ideas planner, Project love

And as I have no idea, apart from the usual. Answering the questions will guide me. It really is like a fabulous life coach. I will share how I am getting on in a few weeks  and whether I have come up with any sort of plan. I am feeling hopeful. I never plan and wander through life, so maybe it’s time to plan a little.

The Week Ahead?

I have a lots of posts to get live, all exciting. I am hoping to get My Gin Bar and Craft Cupboard live, and am loving the little spaces we have created. I am also taking part in the #CricutCraftALong so keep an eye out to see what festive goodie I have made. And will be looking forwards to a bit of family chill time and the time to make a roast dinner! Maybe watch Fantastic Beasts again before we watch the new movie! Have and amazing weekend whatever you are up too!

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

7 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Proud”

  1. I’m so glad you managed to get to see Kinky Boots, it would have been such a shame to miss it. I hope Joe is feeling better now. I love your new sweater and your new planner. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with that. Thanks for joining in with#WotW

  2. Well done to Joe for marching in the Remembrance Day parade – what a proud moment for you all. I can imagine it must be quite a worry when you have a family member serving – two of my nephews are in the Navy. Poor Joe with his hip, hope it is better soon. Glad that you were able to see Kinky Boots after all. It sounds like it was a great show. Love the look of your planner. Hope you have a good weekend x #WotW

  3. Well done to your lovely boy – you must be very proud. I love your Jumper – I never see anything I like in New Look but then I see so many people with nice clothes from there, I must look harder!!! I need to get myself a planner – something that will inspire me. Have a great week x

  4. Oh Joe looks so smart, and I can imagine it was a very emotional day for you. Loving the new hair Sarah, you look gorgeous as ever. Thank goodness Joe was sorted quickly at the hospital and you managed to get on your night out x


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