My Weekly Round Up And Little Loves, Festive


This week has been full of festive loveliness, starting out with the first snowfall of the season last weekend. It only hung around for 24 hours but that was enough to bring a smile to all of our faces. The views from our house are just incredible, especially when it snows.



This week I met up with the lovely Colette, Jenny and Karen for a trip to Manchester Christmas Markets. We had the best day. We try to get together every couple of months and it’s a day I really look forward too, we laugh soooo much. I love that these ladies are as crazy as me, so standing on my chair to photograph my food or a pretty coffee is totally acceptable.

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Manchester Christmas Markets

The North Face Jacket

Keeping Warm in a North Face Jacket

As the temperature has really plummeted of late I wore my new and ever so cozy North Face Jacket and bobble hat. I was a snug as a bug all day, which you need when wandering Manchester and eating lunch in Teepee’s.

Have you ever been to the OastHouse in Manchester, they have the most amazing Teepees? We were a bit unlucky as we ate in the small Teepee, which was freezing, the larger one has a cozy fire and fur throws on the chairs. But you live and learn and lunch was good even though we were freezing.

The Oast House Lights

Thankfully we were all wrapped up. Me in my new jacket, I just love North Face as you know when you buy it, it does what it says on the tin, and wont let you down. We are huge fans and living in the countryside they really are a must.


Ooh my Cricut arrived, arghhhh. I have been like a crafting demon trying out lots of ideas. Here is a sneaky peek of the gin Christmas crackers I have made, more on those next week. I have also been decorating my Pickering Gin baubles, I wanted to make them a little more personalised and I am thrilled with them. The Cricut is just amazing; I have so many ideas of projects. I just need a day of crafting now to try a few out.

Home Made Gin Crackers

Gin Christmas Crackers

Personalising Gin Baubles


I have spent ages reading Cricut posts and watching tutorials. Can you tell I am excited about this arrival, arghhh ?


On Tuesday night Chris, Joe and I went into Manchester for dinner and the press night of Elf the Musical. Oh my, it was AMAZING, we all adore the film, which is such a hard act to follow. But the show stood its ground and has a heart and soul of its very own. It will become a festive classic in its own right I am sure and I would thoroughly recommend it.


Lots of Christmas Carol and yes woohoo it’s December, I am sure seeing the Snowman and Elf have set us off to the perfect festive start. I am so excited about the whole season.

This weekend we have a lovely catch up with friends planned, a Christmas tree or two to decorate.

And then next week I am going to see Evita, I have been dropping hints to Chris for over 10 years, 10 long years of hints and he has never taken me!!!!!!

So now I have a pair of tickets and quite honestly am beside myself, I am taking my friend Louise along who loves shows as much as I do. I feel this would be wasted on Chris. If he really wanted to see it, he would have bought me tickets 10 years ago. Although I think I may be a tad emotional at this one as I just adore the theatre and Evita is such a wonderful story, don’t even get me started on the score.

So that’s it, a week packed to the rafters with fun and laughter and I even managed to fit in a yoga and spin class!

Have an amazing, festive weekend. x

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21 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Little Loves, Festive”

  1. What a lovely week and I bet you had fun with Colette, Jenny and Karen. Ah what a shame the snow didn’t make it down to Cheshire, I bet it’s lovely where you live Sarah. And well done to Chris for getting you Evita tickets, only 10 years late but they get there in the end don’t they lol. Have a lovely weekend #littleloves x

    • Ah we had so much fun thanks Tracey, Chris didn’t get the tickets Tracey I would still be waiting ha ha! Its been so pretty but all gone now. However we have loads due at the weekend x

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Manchester, the markets really do get you in the festive mood don’t they. I used to love going to the theatre regularly but I haven’t been for years,I think next year Daisy might be old enough to enjoy her first show. The crackers look fantastic, you really are so creative and crafty, you always inspire me. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend x

    • Ah they do Angela I just love it. Same here pre kids I love the theatre, and then it became XFactor live and the tweenies, now its time for me again. Ah thank you I am so happy and chilled when I am crafting, I just need a craft room now but I am working on that x

  3. Its amazing isnt it, I had a few teething problem with the transfer tape being too sticky but I have mastered that now and love the endless possibilities x

  4. Evita sounds sooo exciting, I used to love the movie with Madonna in it and the score is just amazing! Looks like you’ve had a brilliant week and I love your jacket. I used to think North face was just for men but yours is lovely!

    • Tas you need a North Face living around here ha ha, it fab I have worn it loads! And Evita was wonderful I just loved every second it seemed to go so quickly x

  5. What a lovely festive week! I can’t believe that we were all in Manchester on the same day!!
    You definitely needed that jacket, it was so cold that day.
    Enjoy Evita! xxx

  6. Chris sounds like my partner for his ‘ability’ to take a hint. I’d have done the same and got the Evita tickets myself – easier that way! I bet it’s absolutely amazing to see in the theatre. I’m loving those gin baubles and your crackers, they look gorgeous. Hope you’re having a good week x

    • Ha ha it drives me mad, or I wonder if he is ignoring it because he is not into Musicals! Oh my I cried so much the show was incredible and so worth the wait and thank you you have a fab week too x

  7. Wow Sarah, this all sounds amazing! I love the picture of you in the tut tut (or whatever you call it in Manchester?!) in your cosy North Face jacket and hat. It really was so cold last week wasn’t it? The Elf show sounded incredible, nice to go as a family. Love the idea of your gin baubles and your cricut – I’ve never heard of one! Off to google – no doubt I’ll need one too πŸ˜‰

    • Ha ha I love the Cricut it is so fab if you love crafting, I am currently working on more Christmas crackers ! and Elf was amazing such a fab show we all left feeling farm and fuzzy x

  8. When we used to travel up to Staffordshire I’m sure the temperature would drop so it’s great to be warm and snug as a bug. Love all things festive crafting too and I hope you enjoyed Evita. #WotW


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