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Hello happy Saturday. How lovely has the sunny weather been this week. Doesn’t that sunshine make such a huge difference? Although today is not as bright, but I am so thankful we missed the snow. We almost got stuck in it on the motorway last night coming back from Manchester and it was pretty scary.

Sorry for all of you doing dry January this post may just be a little torturous, as there is a lot of gin talk. This week has been a week of gin. Oh and more ill people, Jack came down with Joe’s bug this week. I tell you what I would make a terrible nurse. Hense why the Christie boys are so rarely ill!

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Despite that it’s been a busy week, it seems like there has been something to do almost every evening. Joe starting back at Air Cadets has been a bit of a shock to the system as that takes 2 nights up, but he loves it and its such a great organisation to be part of.

So apart from our chaotic family life, this is what I have been up to this week.

Making Planner Stickers

I posted my planner sticker tutorial post this week. And am thrilled with the result as they were my first attempt, and have so many ideas on how to use print and cut on my Cricut, I can’t believe I didn’t try it before. You can even print onto vinyl for labels, jars etc its such a fab feature if you are a craft geek like me.

Making your own cricut planner stickers

Making Cocktails And Photographing Gin

I also spent some time playing with a cocktail recipe for the new Batch Apple And Honey Gin. I had grand plans of using sparkling apple juice with it, but mixed with prosecco and gin it just tasted like cider! So I went with a more simple recipe and topped it with elderflower foam. The recipe is here if you fancy trying it out. Its delicious if I don’t say so myself.

How to make foam for cocktails

I also got to go along to a gin photo shoot with Batch, I love watching photographers at work and picking up hints and tips from them. Karen from 5 Little Boys photography was not only such a gorgeous person but I loved watching her work alongside the lovely Johdi from Batch at Will’s Bar in Barrowford. Check it out, its so cool!

Making Award Winning Gin

I kid you not I won the second best gin! On Thursday night Karen and I took part in a gin distilling workshop at the makers of Cuckoo Gin in the village of Brindle. If you are local and love gin you have to try it. I will share more later in a post. However the evening is all focused around how Brindle Distillery distil their gin. As part of the evening you get to taste their gins. I say taste the measures are huge!

You also get to distil your own. It felt like such a huge pressure, yes I might have taken inventing my own recipe quite seriously. But I love gin and know what I like. Anyhow it was worth the effort as my gin won 2nd best gin of the evening. Ok it was only out of 12 but still! I can now add my award winning gin to my C.V ha ha. But jokes aside it was a fabulous evening and something I would highly recommend.

Watching Swan Lake

I have wanted to see Swan Lake forever and it did not disappoint. The ballet is addictive and so different from musical theatre. Don’t get me wrong musical theatre will always be one of my favourite ways to spend my time. But the ballet feels such a serene, dramatic yet calming experience. Swan Lake is one of those ballets that make you want to be a ballerina. I think it’s the tutu’s of dreams the swans wear.

Next Week

It is going to be another busy week. We have Joe’s first parents evening at his new school. So far we have been thrilled with how he has settled in. He is so much happier now he is finally able to learn in a safe environment.

I am off to see Saturday Night Fever at the Palace Theatre Mancheste , I have seen it before but it was on a weekend away and after a day drinking wine in Covent Garden with friends. If I am honest I can’t fully remember it so it will be nice to see it again through sober eyes. The show has been completely remastered from when I last saw it and I blooming love the film and the BeeGees so can’t wait.

And then next weekend we are off to Center Parcs for our annual trip with some of our closest friends. I can not wait for a chill out weekend and lots of forest walks.

Have a fab weekend what ever you get up too.

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22 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Gin”

  1. Good job you like gin. Sounds fun to make your own recipe and distil your gin. I agree about watching how other photographers work. Always interesting. I’d make a terrible nurse too. I dread any of mine being ill. I love watching ballet. Swan Lake must have made a wonderful evening. Hope you enjoy all your events next week. Glad to hear Joe is doing well at his new school. #wotw

  2. Congratulations on becoming an award winning gin maker 🙂 It sounds like a very busy week, with lots of gin. Have you ever seen one of Matthew Bourne’s ballets? I saw Cinderella last year, same music, very different perspective. Thanks for linking up with #wotw

    • Aw thank you and the Apple and Honey is blooming amazing. Ah thanks Louise I am hoping the snow stays away so I can get to Manchester x

  3. Ahh! It has been quite bright here too this week. Even with the snow we had the sun kept shining!
    Those planner stickers look fab!
    I don’t even like gin but I do love the sound of the Apple And Honey Gin.
    I would love to see Swan Lake. It sounds amazing.

    • Thanks Kim, Swan Lake was so amazing I loved it, and the gin tastes amazing. Its not so bright today I so hope we don’t get snow again x

    • Ha ha love it, I wish I could have had a g and t whilst I watched the ballet! It was an amazing week Stevie thanks so much x

  4. Hope Jack feels better soon. All that gin is making me rather jealous – not to mention wondering if just gone 1pm on a Monday is too early for a gin – shame I’ve got the school run to do really! Hope Joe’s parent’s evening goes well. Sounds like you have a brilliant week planned – the theatre and Center Parcs! Can I squeeze into your handbag!?! Have fun x

    • He is much better now that Kat, I must say I have loved my week full of gin. if it was Saturday I would have said go for it ha ha, and yes cant wait for this week x

  5. Oooo you definitely need to add that to your CV Sarah, what a Gin Tastic week you have had. Dry January is never going to be on my radar when it’s your birthday in January lol. I bet you can’t wait for your weekend at Center Parcs, we have not been for 3 years at this time of year, but used to love going in January. Have a relaxing time x

  6. Is it bad that I’ve never tried gin??? I always see people having these fun gin nights and I think I need to try it! I saw Saturday Night Fever a long time ago and like you I can’t really remember it. I would love to see it again. I hope it was good x

  7. Oh what a lovely week!! Those cocktails look amazing!! I used to always go and see shows before I had children, I need to make more effort to go – there is nothing quite like a live show is there. Have a great week.


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