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My Weekly Round Up And Crafting

This week had been a quiet but busy week. Does that make sense? I didn’t have too much planned but have not stopped. It’s been a mix of organising, writing and catching up all week. But we need weeks like this don’t we? Especially as next week is going to be manic, but soooo much fun. 

Last weekend a quiet Friday night in with friends got quite messy resulting in a very quiet Saturday. I totally blame my gin bar and home made straws for this. But it was nothing that a very long country walk could not resolve. 

This week I hosted a craft Q&A hour over on Cricut Instagram Stories

It was part of the #ChristmasCraftALong I was so nervous but excited. You know how much I adore my Cricut  and was so happy that they thought I was good enough to work over on their page  arghhhh. I also made this Christmas cushion as part of the project which I am thrilled with. The only problem is that I will be sad to put it away after Christmas.

Creating a cushion with Iron On Vinyl

And my Gin Bar is live.

I am blooming thrilled with it, but it was a challenge to photograph on these dark day. My goodness hasn’t it been sooooo dark this week? Even with my photography lights it’s still been tricky. Anyhow I digress, check out my post here for some of the amazing gins I have been trying out lately. My fave is the Batch Gin Rummy. But it comes with a warning, it is a little tooo good, also check out my gin bar post for a subscription discount code. I seriously love Batch gins and have just bought the subscription myself this week. 

Decorating Gin Baubles

A sneaky peek at my craft cupboard. 

I haven’t gone live with the post as I am not happy will the pictures so want to retake some. Our hallway is quite dark at the best of times, so this week grrrr… We aim to put a light tunnel in the roof next year I can’t blooming wait, I am so hoping it will help. But for now here is a peek. 

Pegboard craft cupboard

My Love Life Planner

Omg I love this, I have started to fill it out this week and it has been a real eye opener. One thing that has really come out of it is how much the bullying last year and worrying about Joe’s education totally consumed my thoughts. So much so that I was treading water through life. 

We are through it now, the outcome has ultimately been positive for Joe. However we are still waiting for the answers, I think all parents in our situation should be pushing for those. If only to stop other families going through what we went through. 

But as I was writing my journal I realised I can let go of all those feeling now. Sometimes a traumatic event can have a real impact can’t it? Being unable to protect our child is the worse pain I have ever felt. But as parent we did our job and got him out of a terrible situation, and are now asking why he wasn’t safeguarded as he should have been.

I need to see this as a sign of strength now and let go. Its crazy that I needed to write that down to reflect, but we try to bury the unpleasant stuff don’t we?  When sometimes prompts can help you visit a feeling and move on, which has got to be healthier. So yes this quote is very fitting its great to reflect and celebrate the changes. 

But also it highlighted the changes my blog has gone through without me even realising it. I am finding more time for cooking and crafting which ultimately makes me happy. And it’s had a real positive impact on my blog, I had the loveliest message from a friend this week to tell me she loves the direction my blog has taken. That really made me smile as it was not a conscious thing just a following my heart kinda thing. 

Making time for the gym

I have made it to the gym 3 times this week which feels a real achievement. I also managed 4 the week before. But know I will struggle next week. I try to get a balance between swimming, yoga and spinning and some days its hard to go when you are busy, yet the way it makes you feel after is so worth the effort. 

The week ahead

Is going to be crazy! Tomorrow we have a trip to Liverpool to the Christmas markets planned followed by a get together with friends. Monday I am off to Leeds, Tuesday London and Thursday Manchester. Lots of festivities and catching up with amazing friends so it promises to be an exciting week. Have a wonderful week whatever you have planned. 

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

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Mum Reinvented

Monday 3rd of December 2018

I want my own gin bar! I'm so jealous. I love seeing what you've been getting up to with your cricut, you're so clever (I don't have an artistic bone in my body). That journal sounds lovely but also just what you need right now. Been loving seeing what you've been getting up to lately over on instagram x


Thursday 29th of November 2018

Oh wow you have had a busy week. Your crafting is super you should be very proud. I hope you get to use that gin bar a few times, maybe a girly night ??

Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

Thursday 29th of November 2018

It has been so dark this week, very frustrating for photos. Well done on going to the gym, I really need to start doing some exercise x

Mummy here and there

Tuesday 27th of November 2018

Wow so many great crafts, your very talented X #wotw


Sunday 25th of November 2018

Sadly my message deleted. You are so talented I love how you love the cricut. You can make anything I swear it. That cushion is perfect for the holidays. The gin bar sounds amazing I am coming to your house.

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