My Weekly Round Up And Changes.


And another week has flown and we are in November. But my what a glorious October we have had. The days have been sunny and crisp which has lent itself to long family walks with the odd country pub at the end. It’s been a week of catching up with friends, chill time and changes in the Christie household, family life is so busy isn’t it? And this week brought on a few changes I was not quite ready for.  

This week I have loved!

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Dark Nights

I know everyone hates the clocks going back, but I genuinely love it. Our little house feels so much cosier. Living in an area with no light pollution at all, you feel life you are living in a little house shapes bubble during the winter months. There is nothing better that locking the door on a dark winters night, lighting the log burner and cooking a hearty meal with a glass of wine in hand. 

Halloween Walks

Halloween was a huge success. We decided to walk down to one of our local villages, it was about a two mile walk in total darkness. There are no streetlights up here, but it felt like such an adventure. When we arrived down in the village the pub was all decorated for Halloween, the atmosphere was fab. Chris and I enjoyed a steaming hot mulled wine whilst Joe trick or treated with a friend for an hour in the village.

Pumpkin in Autumn

The village was buzzing with trick or treaters and you could see all the torch lights in the distance dotting up Pendle Hill. Walking up Pendle on Halloween is a local tradition. I am not sure I am brave enough; it must be hazardous as the mountain rescue were sat ready and waiting for call outs.

Pumkin Scarecrow in Roughlee

I didn’t take my camera as it was so dark, but did snap this scarecrow during the week. How cool is this? Next year I am going to go out during the day and get loads of photos as everyone made such an effort. 

I might have also prettified Joe’s pumpkin much to his disgust. But its so much prettier like that. 

White Pumpkin

Big Life Changes

This week marks life changing forever for us, as our first baby flew off to Amsterdam this morning. I know, I know he is 18 don’t roll your eyes at me. But as parents we are here to protect them, the control freak in me is struggling with this change.

Although I was secretly proud when he packed his own bag, medication and even did all his online check in without prompting. I have trained him well. However as he walked away from me at the airport with his case, I had visions of the little boy version of Jack with his Mystery Machine case, weeps.  I did at that point consider jumping on the next flight to Amsterdam just in case he needs me! He would never forgive me ha ha.

My BritMums’ Award Arriving

It’s been a week of lovely parcels and mail, but my favourite by far has to be the arrival of my Bib Britmums’ Choice Award. Funny enough I came across this old post last night, if only I had known then how blogging was going to change my life. I totally cringed at those old photos! Thanks god I did a course. 

Britmums' Choice Award Winner 2018


This new face serum from Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum. This time last year I had the most awful time with acne, I have never experienced anything like it before and it lasted all winter and really affected my confidence.

Pure lagoon serum tropic

Pure Lagoon  is designed to prevent blemishes and as it was this time of year when the weather changes I last suffered I am giving it a go, and so far so good. My skin feel great, fingers crossed.

Christmas Crafting

The Cricut has been out again this week and I have been working on Christmas projects. I just love this milk and treats for Santa bottle and plate. I so wish I had my Cricut when the boys were little.

I have also been cutting Christmas tags, I like to get them done in advance. 

Christmas Craft Ideas

This weekend

Joe is selling poppies for the first time this weekend with the Air Cadets. He was so proud when he got his uniform and tried it on, I can’t wait to get a picture of him all dressed up and ready.

Then we are off to Brompton Lakes to spend time with family, it really is the most tranquil place. We have a family get together and Christening planned, I am looking forwards to a weekend of family times and celebrations.

Have an amazing weekend whatever you have planned?

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

15 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Changes.”

  1. It sounds like Halloween was a great success, that’s a real scary scarecrow. I remember when my older kids first flew off on their own, it is so hard. I love it now, ahh peace (why haven’t they left home yet?) Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for linking up to #WotW xx

  2. I miss the light evenings and the warmer weather but I do like the cosiness of darker nights too. Walking up Pendle Hill is a cool Halloween tradition but I’m not sure I’d fancy trying it. Love the prettified pumpkin. Love the photo of you with your well-deserved Britmums award. Mine has arrived in the post now too! Hope you have a lovely weekend. #WotW

  3. I do love the long days, but curling up in front of the fire on a dark evening is just as good for the soul. I like the sound of your Halloween. Community coming together. It would be pointless decorating outside our place, as no-one would see it, but I adore seeing other people’s creations. Hope your eldest has a good time in Amsterdam. Big steps are a lovely mixture of hard and sweet emotions. Darn. They never make it easy. Well done on your award again. #wotw

    • You re so right Cheryl this steps are so hard but so exciting and yes its been wonderful getting involved with community events it makes me love living here even more x

  4. Halloween is such a big deal now isn’t it! I love that everyone goes all out now, my girls just love it! Ah I hope your boy had a great time away – seriously dreading the days when I have to deal with this – I am a bag of nerves when they go on a school trip!! Have a great week lovely lady x

  5. I’m not keen on winter but I do love cosying up by the fire place in the evenings.
    Hope your first baby has a good holiday, they grow too quickly, don’t they? It’s hard to let go I’d be so nervous if it was one of mine!
    Your old Brit mums post made me laugh a little bit…

  6. Oh my goodness that little milk bottle is the cutest, my girls would love this for santa. I don’t think I will ever be ready to wave my girls off at the airport. But then I remember going to Cyprus on holiday when I was 18 and my parents let me. Parenting is hard isn’t it? x

  7. Love what you did with Joe’s pumpkin. My teen would’ve been equally as horrified – makes it all the more fun doesn’t it! How did I not associate Pendle Hill with the witch trials!?! Must be a fun but rather spooky Halloween near you. Congrats again on your award, so well deserved x

  8. Your week sounds lovely, I love the more feminine pumpkin and yay for your award. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the dark nights, I’m struggling to adjust and stay awake at the minute. X


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