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Hello on this glorious sunny Saturday morning, what a difference the sunshine makes hey? It’s been a week of Adventure here? 

I didn’t write a round up last week as the whole week was a total write off, I spent the whole week in bed with the flu. Not being the best ill person I tried to get up and work loads, but just consistently fell asleep with my lap top. What I really should have done was give in, light the fire and put a movie on. I don’t think I have been that floored for years, and  it’s still hanging in there.

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But at least I am through the worst of it. Full blown flu is just the worse, nothing gets me down and stops me in my track ever! But this did, to the point that I cleared my diary for the whole week and stayed indoors by the fire, I even cancelled Annie weeps, I was so excited about seeing Annie I think it was my top show to see for the year! But who wants someone coughing and sneezing behind them the whole way thorough a show?

This week has been a busy one catching up and planning, I am starting to get excited about the house renovations. I was so not feeling the love, but I think it was more the dread of dealing with builders and contractors. But now I have clear idea of what I want I am ready to go and mega excited.

Thankfully last Friday I felt well enough to still be able to make our trip to Carden Park

Although we were snuggled up in bed at 9pm after a delicious meal, we were up and raring to go for a day of adventure on Saturday. And had the best day, learning to shoot bows, and rifles, and climbing thorough trees. You should have seen the zip wire at the end it was sooooo high and sooooo long.

You know how we love adventure around here so had the best time. I loved how the activities at Carden Park were challenging, as the boys have got older and the more we have done some activities can seem a little tame, but these didn’t, it was great. I can see us doing this instead of our annual Center Parks trip especially with the new spa which will be finished in spring and looks spectacular.

The Zip Wire At Carden Park

Making Cocktails With Candy Floss

This is a cocktail I have wanted to make for so long and omg I am delighted with how it turned out, it’s a simple pink gin and pink prosecco combination but is so effective. It’s the perfect excuse to invite the girls round and make cocktails. Chris did not really share the candy floss cocktail love at all! But he is a bit of a beer kinda guy.

Pink Champagne and Gin Cocktail

Having Lunch At The Ivy In Manchester

I have been beside myself with excitement all year watching the Ivy being built. OMG a real Ivy restaurant in Manchester. Ok we are pretty spoilt in Manchester and have some pretty fantastic place to dine. But the Ivy is a little bit special isn’t it? And it didn’t disappoint! I met up with the gorgeous Rachel to chat all things crafting and for a catch up and this was the obvious choice. The menu was a pleasant surprise too, I thought it would be quite expensive but it’s not at all, and the food….. it’s soooo delicious. Check out the dessert of dreams, it was a work of art and tasted amazing.

Lunch at the Ivy In Manchester

The valentines dessert at the Ivy Manchester

My New Katie Loxton Clutch Bag From Lily & Stella 

When Vicky from Lily and Stella contacted me to offer me a gift I was blown away by her site. Being a bit of a magpie Lily & Stella is just the dream. Everything is so pretty and the clutch bags omg. I am a bit of a one bag gal, but now I want the Katie Loxton clutch in all the colours. They are all so gorgeous, don’t you just love my rose gold one? Also all the bags have little messages on them, perfect for Mothers Day, bridesmaids gifts or just pressies for girlfriends. Have a mooch around the site I dare you! But it comes with a warning you will want it all. However the prices are so reasonable, so perfect for gifts and stocking fillers and presents for oneself, because it would be rude not to.

Katie Loxton Clutch Bag

Lily & Stella Gifts

I am so thrilled to be able to offer one reader the chance to get their mitts on a rose gold “Time To Shine” clutch of their very own, just enter via the rafflecopter below and good luck.

And The Week Ahead?

Tonight we are having a night by the log burner with a home made Chinese meal, and watching Bohemian Rhapsody.  I am so excited I adore Queen and Freddy Mercury, I was so desperate to see this at the Cinema but we just never had time.

We don’t have much planned for half term but Joe is pretty busy with Cadets, so maybe a chilled afternoon at the movies is on the cards.VIP cinema of course, now we have done that there is no going back.

Also I have an exciting trip to Manchester planned to see The Full Monty at Opera House. The movie is incredible, one of those films that always makes me smile. I am not a fan of strippers if I am honest, my friends booked a dream boys trip a couple of years ago and I am still traumatized.  However I know I will love The Full Monty as it’s all about the story and spirit of the men determined not to be beat by life. And then at the weekend a little trip to Manchester for a night out with friends, so lots of cocktails, great food and laughter on the cards.

The Full Monty in Manchester

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned.

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A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up



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9 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Adventure”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly, what a shame you had to miss Annie, I’m sure you will get to see it soon though. Your Carden Park stay looked awesome, I bet Jack had a great time with the activities, the zip wire sounds fab. I hope you enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody, we saw it at the cinema and laughed and cried. It reminded us how much we love the music from Queen and it was fascinating to find out more about Freddie as a person. Have a lovely half term x

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill and didn’t manage to get to see Annie, how disappointing. I hope the Full Monty meets your expectations, it sounds good. I’m not a fan of strippers, but the Full Monty is such a brilliant film. Have a great half term and I’m definitely going to enter your competition, what a lovely bag, I’m such a fan of rose gold, it will match my phone xx

  3. The weather has been glorious hasn’t it. I hope it lasts for half term.
    Oh so sorry you haven’t been well. It sounds like you did the right thing clearing your diary.
    I love the sound of the Candy floss cocktail! Yum! It looks so pretty too.
    I hope you enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s such a fab film.

  4. It must have really floored you Sarah to cancel your plans, and like you said must have been the proper flu. I loved following your adventures at Carden Park. It’s such a special hotel isn’t it, and I got to spend 2 nights there for my 30th birthday (which seems like a few years ago but really isn’t ha). The Ivy looks incredible and I bet it was lovely catching up with Rachel. Have a wonderful half term, we have just finished ours x

  5. So sorry you had to miss Annie, I know how much you were looking forward to it. What did you think of Bohemian Rhapsody in the end? I wanted to see The Full Monty when it was on down in Kent but never got round to it, it looks brilliant. Hope you had a lovely time with your friends last night x

  6. Sorry to hear you have been poorly, it always happens on the busiest weeks doesn’t it. We went to a halloween event in Carden Park and it was fab, I need to go back!! Have a great week and enjoy half term!

  7. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly. I’ve had a really bad chest infection for 3 weeks and I just can’t shift it. It really starts to get you down when the illness goes on. The food at the Ivy looks delicious. I hope you’ve had a lovely half term x


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