My Weekly Round Up And A Few Ramblings


Its been the oddest week, it all started well we were getting back to normal and then Joe got a bug. We are pretty robust in our house, we never really get bugs. But he has been floored for 3 days. Thankfully he looks a bit better today. But you know your kids are ill when they don’t ask for crisps and chocolate, and he has not touched his Segway, which he has been glued to since he got it just after Christmas. This has hampered the getting back to normal process, but hopefully next week will be a much better, more organised week.

Coffee and flowers on a rustic table

Its blooming typical isn’t it? Not that you want them to be ill at half term, but as soon a life gets back to normal they are struck down. I hate allowing the kids to be off school/work but sometimes you just know they need to be at home in bed or on the sofa with a fluffy blanket.

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I have spent my week doing admin and playing nurse. But here is what I managed to get up to!


I have just finished Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, it’s quite an old one and another recommendation by the lovely Kat. Omg I just loved it, I can’t wait to read the prequel The Rules Of Magic.

It’s about how Gillian and Sally are brought up by their magical aunts. Yet how they both crave different things in life, only to be brought back together later in by a life changing event that ultimately forces them to embrace their magical roots. The magic is not the forefront, more of an undercurrent of the story, but it’s just a fabulous read.

I have just started reading Being Michele Obama, I just love her, and a couple of chapters in I love her more. It feels so odd reading a physical book as I have had my trusty kindle 8 years and its still going strong. And apart from reference books I haven’t read a physical book since.

Reading Becoming Michelle Obama

And check out this fab post from the amazing Laura about body image and how social media portrays dieting. It’s such an insightful post that really made me think.


My first Cricut Paper cut of the year, its a simple tutorial but I love it. And I have so many Cricut Ideas. And have been busy this week making stickers for my planner. I spend ages every January scouring the internet for the right stickers, this year I just made them myself. My brain is full of ideas with some great holiday survival ideas for kiddies I can’t wait to get going with it all.

Beginners Papercut With The Cricut Maker

We also recreated the Scallops in shells topped with champagne sauce that I bought for our Christmas Day starter. They are so easy to make and taste delicious.

Scallops cooked in prosecco and cheese sauce

And For The Week Ahead?

Next week is going to be chaotic, I have a few gin events planned. I am so excited that I am going to get the chance to go on a gin photo shoot, and am also going on a gin tasting and distilling workshop.

And my sister in law and I are off to the Ballet, I loved seeing Manon and this week we are off to see the Moscow City Ballet’s Swan Lake at the Palace Theatre. It has to be the ultimate ballet, I am so excited.

Have a wonderful week whatever you are up to!

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

10 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And A Few Ramblings”

  1. Poor Joe, hope he’s feeling better now. Practical Magic is one of my favourite films, I didn’t realise there was a book too ! Those scallops look delicious, I wish I was as adventurous in the kitchen as you are, I can just about stretch to a fish finger lol. Have an amazing time at the ballet next week x

  2. Sorry to hear that Joe has been poorly. I hope he’s fully better now and that everyone else stays healthy. I’ve not heard of those books you mentioned – I might look them up. I can’t imagine not reading a proper book though! Hope you have an amazing time at the ballet – I’ve only ever been once (when I was travelling in Australia of all places) and it was magical. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

  3. I hope Joe is feeling better now, it’s always the same, as soon as they go back to school they are rife with bugs. Enjoy the ballet, I’d love to see Swan Lake. I’m definitely taking my girls to the ballet this year, they are old enough to really appreciate it now. I’ve just taken a look at your recipe and want to give it a go. We buy the Coquille’s St Jacques at Morrisons and I always keep the shells saying I will make some myself one day.
    Thanks joining in with #wotw, sorry I’m a bit late commenting this week, I was struck with a migraine x

  4. I hope Joe is feeling better soon, it’s probably the Christmas exhaustion catching up with him.
    I keep hearing good things about the Michelle Obama book, might give it a read.

  5. Sorry to hear Joe was hit with a bug. It always knocks you when you think you are going to be getting back into your routine. I have seen the film Practical Magic and love it. It didn’t occur to me that it would be a book. I will have to put that on my reading list #WotW

  6. Hope Joe’s better now and the rest of you didn’t come down with it. Thanks for the mention – Practical Magic is brilliant, definitely one of my favourites. I’ve got Michelle Obama’s book on my ‘to be read’ list, she’s so inspiring, can’t wait to read it. Sounds like you’ve had a fabulous week planned, have been loving your insta stories x

  7. I do hope that Joe is back to full health now. Your Christmas break sounded lovely and typically Joe fell ill after. I love your crafts, so creative Sarah. I’ll read that post you mentioned, there is a lot of hate and controversy towards ‘new year, new you’ – I think some folk are reading too much into it personally. Every one goes into a New Year wanting to improve something. I’m certain of it. It’s not a bad thing to be healthy however some do promote it in a way that needs changing x


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