My Favourite Shows Of 2019 And Where You Can See Them In 2020


Its time to share my favourite shows of 2019. What a wonderful year in theatre its been? I have laughed, cried, rolled my eyes, held my breath and sat with my mouth wide open as if I was catching flies ( I kid you not!).

Theatre reaches you like no other media can, as if you are in the room. Experiencing first hand Shakespeare’s first night of Romeo And Juliet, or dancing around a lake at midnight.

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My Favourite Shows Of 2019 And Where You Can See Them In 2020

Shows I Have Loved In 2019

Theatre is nearly always better than the movie. It’s that in the room feeling you can’t experience anywhere else in the world. Ok I know I am theatre mad, I think I have only seen one show this year that I didn’t love, and that just wasn’t my humour. However there are a few that just stood out that little bit more.

I wanted to share my absolute favourites of the year with you. But also tell you where you can catch these gems in 2020.

My Favourite Shows Of 2019

In summary theatre opens your mind so many diverse worlds. Above all it’s all about be open to those new worlds.

Disclaimer, I was gifted tickets in return for honest reviews, but all opinions are my own.

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