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There is not much I don’t like in theatre, its’ up there as one of my favourite things to do ever. There is the odd show that I don’t feel the love love for. Others that make me weep with joy or sadness at the sheer weight of the story. Some sets totally capture my attention, others, it’s all about the production and choreography. However my & Juliet review feels a little different.

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Why Does This & Juliet Review Feel Different?

Because as I sat in the Opera House in Manchester last night. Watching this modern day version of possibly the greatest love story ever told. I felt like I was witnessing history being re wrote.

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& Juliet is new, fresh and exciting, it takes a much loved tale, a tale that is thread into the fabric of society, education, and the English language and makes it fresh, current and new.

What Is & Juliet About?

& Juliet must be the best kept secret in theatre. Before last night I tried many times to google and find out exactly what the show was all about. And all I could find was “modern music, mixed with Juliet re writing her ending.” In essence that’s it in a nutshell, but oh my, it’s so much more.

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Before I Delve Into A Full & Juliet Review Let Me Ask You These Questions.

What would happen if William Shakespeare was born in this day and age, and Anne Hathaway was a modern woman? How would these factors affect the writings of Shakespeare?

And what would happen if Juliet didn’t die so tragically, or, if she to lived in a more socially acceptable time. A time where it’s ok to embrace who you are?

These are not questions I have ever asked myself. I mean why on earth would you? Unless you are a creative genius of course? Thus resulting in & Juliet, which is to Shakespeare what Wicked was to the Wizard Of Oz.

Not better, but different and equally spellbinding. Yet beautiful, exciting and groundbreaking. Thus reaching new heights and a new audience that the great man himself could never reach.

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My & Juliet Review

You anticipate a show is going to be great when the girl that serves you in Starbucks beforehand tells you she has seen it once and has rebooked.

Further more I knew & Juliet was going to be something special as William Shakespeare (Oliver Tompsett) and Anne Hathaway (Cassidy Janson) arrived onto the stage. A husband and wife having a modern day conversation about Juliets’ tragic ending. Anne offering advice on how to improve the situation for the fated star crossed lover.

And then Juliet (Miriam- Teak Lee) bursts onto the stage and the Opera House erupted.

I don’t want to give away the whole show, its one you have to see.

Bringing the theatre into the modern day this is a show that will bring a new and fresh audience to the theatre. Thus giving Shakespeare a cool factor to an audience he only reached through enforced reading in School.

The music, all modern day hits of Max Martin fit in so seamlessly you almost forget their roots. Its as if they were wrote for this purpose to fit in with a modern day version of Romeo & Juliet.

Every single voice was stunning. Alongside the flawless choreography which at times felt more like a concert than a theatre show, but in a great way. The costumes fit with the historical theme but in a cutting edge way and the set and effects were the best I have every witnessed in a show. Or at very least up there with Miss Saigon and Wicked if I was forced to find a comparison.

Yet & Juliet also had more than a hint of comedy, that at times had the audience roaring with laughter. Which often quickly followed with thought provoking and tender moments. This made the whole show the perfect package that endears itself to all ages.

When you leave a production feeling as if you have been to the best party ever you know it’s going to be up there with your favourite shows ever.

& Juliet is previewing at the Opera House in Manchester until the 12th October and tickets are a bargain! It then takes up residency at the Shaftesbury Theatre in the West End.

Disclaimer; The tickets were gifted in return for an honest review. However all opinions are my own and yes I am still feeling quite giddy at how amazing it all was.

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