Looking For The Right Home Office


Ok there is one small issue here I need said office space.

However this is a work in progress as we are house hunting and a home office is high up on the agenda. Ok, it may be teetering near the top somewhat!

I love my beautiful vintage desk we lovingly restored; it has been my base for over 3 years now. But I have grown out of it. When we bought our country house I never in a million years thought I would leave my teaching career to become a lifestyle blogger, and that I would fall in love with crafting again.

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Yet here I am frustrated that I haven’t got the space to spread out my supplies and buy a sewing machine. I have visions of having all my Cricut supplies and office stationery stored neatly on show, all ready to use. Currently everything is stored away, I need to move everything about to make crafting space. Which is fine, however if it’s all on hand I know I will drift in an out and just make stuff. I am a creative soul and I so want to have that space just for me.

I want to create a pretty home office that motivates me to work, but also feels calm.

Chris has visions of a functional masculine home office that we can share. Hmmm I will let him think that if it makes him happy.

But oh no this will be a vision of pastel colours and a crafting heaven. With pretty accents such as a peg board full of inspirational quotes. I want a vintage typewriter on my desk, just because they look beautiful. And with an easy chair for reading and chilling when I feel the need. With the odd insta worthy succulent, oh yes my office will scream Instagram cliché. But you know what that fine, because it will make me happy.


Of course function has a huge part to play here. I am sure my probing questions about Internet coverage levels is alarming some home owners as we peruse their homes.

But living in a rural area means one cannot assume WiFi is a given. Or indeed natural light, and as a blogger I seem to be viewing homes with a whole new eye. Looking for natural light and big windows is key, what use is it moving somewhere that I can’t work? I got the oddest look when I told one homeowner this week I had to check the rooms for natural light.

And on another viewing I think the estate agent was a  bit peeved when after 3 minutes of setting foot in a house I said” right no point looking any further and wasting time this house is to dark, it’s not for us.” But hey what’s the point in wasting people’s time. Chris and the boys insisted in traipsing round the rest of the house, as they rolled their eyes at me, but you know what? It just proved my point it was the wrong house.


I also need to be able to set up the Mac on a proper desk rather than using a Mac Book all the time. Which is very convenient, but not practical at all! (We currently use our Mac as an entertainment system in the kitchen)

Shortlists are being drawn up, we know now in our heart the homes we love, what will work and what wont.

Now it just a matter of time and planning, the hardest bit is stopping myself picking up bits in preparation now.


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  1. Chic and function that would be my office. I’m planning to renovate a small room in my home office and you have some good ideas here. I like to read, I will definitely have a reading corner in my office. Great post.


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