Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home.


We are living in crazy times at the moment, however life still goes on. And with Mothers Day around the corner I am conscious that many will be looking for ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day At Home. Whether it’s cooking a home made meal or buying crafting supplies!

So I’ve had my thinking cap on and compiled a lovely list of Mother’s Day gifts and treats. Treats to make this a special day whilst staying at home. Because let’s face it, Mums should ALWAYS be celebrated.

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Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home.

Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home With Breakfast In Bed

Us mums are always up at the crack of dawn, coordinating life and our crazy families. So yes, we deserve a lie in and what better way to treat mum on mothers day at home. Take over the organisation of breakfast. I have a post full of mother’s day breakfast suggestions here. But remember breakfast in bed needn’t be complicated, just chilled.

Breakfast in Bed for mothers day

Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home By Pampering Mum

Run A Bath

After a leisurely lie in, let her enjoying an indulgent breakfast, run a bath. Fill it with gorgeous rose scented Fiona Cairns Bubbles and give mum that time to have a bath, wash her hair with Curly Girl Friendly Smith England Products and do her make up. Talking of make up try out this fab mascara and primer for longer lashes.

Mothers Day At Home pamper gifts for a bubble bath

Do you know I get less time for such things when everyone is home. Mostly because I want to absorb all that family time, the boys are growing up and I love it when they are around. However having a day when they pamper me is also a wonderful treat worth revelling in.

Hair products for mothers day at home
Mascara for longer lashes

Gorgeous perfume is also a great gift idea, which is also ALAWYS on my wish list. You can never have too much perfume and Perfume Direct offer such great online deals.

Buy Perfume for mothers day at home

Bit of a tip, when Mum is enjoying said bath leave her be, any burning questions about new trainers and the environment can wait!

Buy Her A Gorgeous Notebook And Pen

Us mums survive by making notes, so whilst you teens frazzle and burn at the thought of a notebook bear in mind a gorgeous notebook as a gift will thrill her. Even better a pretty pen! YES, this mum loves a gorgeous pen in a personalised case.

Note book and personalised case with pen for planning

Buy Her Gym Gear

I am obsessed with Yoga and try to do it at least 5 days a week. Even if I am busy I try to squeeze a 10 minute online Yoga class. These Love Leggings Sports Leggings are gorgeous. They are so supportive, comfy and flattering but also have a pocket for my phone! Thus meaning I can get up do the school run, walk the dogs and then do my yoga class before getting ready for the day ahead.

Yoga Gear For Mothers Day

Buy Her Flowers

You don’t have to spend a fortune, I picked these roses up for £4 in ASDA, so yes whilst giant online bouquets are amazing, with a little creativity you can make your own and save a fortune.

Busy Flowers for a Mothers Day At Home

Roast Dinner With Cocktails

After a chilled out morning it would be the norm to go out for Sunday Dinner, but what if you want to stay home this Mothers Day? We have always opted for dinner at home to avoid the crowds and booked a dinner out later in the month. Alternatively many will potentially opt for a day at home this year, get organised and cook a delicious roast.

Check out my full list of vegetables and Yorkshire puddings for roast dinner here. Cook to impress and make it all from scratch. Washed down with this gorgeous Cranes Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur, it’s amazing with Prosecco, served in these gorgeous inside out Champagne flutes. And of course dessert, check out my ideas for pudding here.

Cocktails and flowers on mothers day at home
Champagne glasses for mothers day

Movie Afternoon With Popcorn And Chocolates

With dinner over with, settle down and choose a movie and chill with chocolate and popcorn. Do remember its Mothers Day, so let mum choose the movie. Yes it may be a Disney Movie! There is nothing I love doing more than snuggling down with my family and watching a movie.

These Guylian Chocolates are perfect, although they never last long in our house, but perfect for sharing.

You must also try out Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn, we have tried out a few flavours all amazing, however omg the salted caramel chocolate popcorn bites are divine as are the Prosecco and chocolate flavours, I wasn’t a fan of the gingerbread it was to strong for me, saying that I have friends who loved it. Anyhow try it out, it’s perfect to have in for movies afternoons.

Movie afternoon with chocolate for a mother day at home
Movie afternoon with chocolates

Keep Travelling ! Give Mum A Break For The future.

Yes we are all concerned at the moment, the shops are empty, roads are quiet and people are choosing to stay home. But don’t give up travelling, life will get back to normal. Buy a gift offer a huge range of gift experiences, spa days, hotel stays and afternoon teas. This is the perfect gift at the moment, as most experience vouchers last a year.

Book a hotel voucher with Buy A Gift

And there we have it, how to enjoy Mothers Day At Home! Because sometimes you just want to stay home. I so hope you have a wonderful mothers day, blessed with lots of family time.

Please note many items were gifted for this post and there are affiliate links, however I have not included anything I wouldn’t recommend.

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