How To Make Edible Flower Ice Cubes


And it’s time to start thinking of summer, of garden parties and cocktails with friends.┬áBut no gin cocktail would be complete without flower ice cubes.

There are strict rules to making edible flower ice cubes as not all flowers are edible. If your ice cubes are to fill an oversized ice bucket for display, then it’s perfectly fine to use any flowers, but you must be confident no one is going to pop one in their drink as some flowers are poisonous.

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However once you have the correct edible flower ice cubes they are the perfect accompaniment to a summer cocktail and look as if you have made so much effort preparing for your gathering.

how do you make flower ice cubes
How do you make a flower with ice cubes?

Tips to remember when growing edible flowers in you garden. 

Build a list of edible flowers, I used Primrose but there is a comprehensive list here on the RHS site. Other suggestions of edible flowers are lavender, Daisy, Elderflower, Roses, Sweet Violet and the good old garden weed dandelions.

Do not buy potted plans from the supermarket as there is a risk that the plants will be impregnated with pesticides. Only buy flowers being sold for the intention of eating.

When growing edible flowers in your garden, ensure they are kept covered, away from weed killers and sprays, garden pets and visiting wild animals. They are best kept in a covered cold frame.

ice cubes for cocktail parties

How do you make flower ice cubes.

The petals will rise to the top, if you are happy with all your flowers on top this is fine just pop your flowers in and fill the tray to the top with water.

However if you want a more layered effect, a central flower, or to fit more flowers or petals into an ice-cube then freeze your ice cubes in layers, freeze half with flowers. Once frozen add more water and flowers or petals and return to the freezer.

Use the ice cubes within 2 weeks.

To make your floral ice cubes go further at parties mix with plain ice cubes, it will still give the same wow effect.

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How to make edible flowe ice cubes for coktail parties and bridal showers
Which flowers can I use for edible flower ice cubes

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