How To Get Curly Hair, Tips And Advice For Curly Hair


I write a lot about hair, about following curly girl, going straight, products and lately my changing colour. But I still like my curls and love the option to be straight or curly, thus I wanted to share my top tips on How To Get Curly Hair from a stylist.

Tips for styling

How To Get Curly Hair

We all love curls dont we? Yet it’s also something that stresses us out, getting great curls can be a dark art. Thus I decided it may help to offer my top tips as a stylist to getting great curly hair from long term curly hair programmes, to curls in a second cheats, because everyone has a right to great curly hair.

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How To Get Curly Hair By Following Curly Girl

Curly girl is a way of life, it takes weeks to get to grips with and is all focused on following a strict haircare regime. However it’s worth the effort if you are willing to stick to it. Here’s a list of curly girl friendly products if you fancy giving it a go.

Advice For styling

Visit A Hair Salon

If you have a special event visit a hair salon. That is of course is unless you spend time practising your hair first, if not leave it to the professionals to make you look gorgeous.

Sleep With Your Hair In Rags To Get Curly Hair

Do you remember doing this as a child? As long as you wind your hair evenly around the rags or tights it does work. However take the excess moisture out first and apply some mousse so set it in.

Get Instant Curly Hair With A Curly Wig

Wigs are an amazing way to change your colour and style without commitment, offering you the chance to go curly, straight, short or long. But also to have a variety of curls from volume and tight curls to soft beach waves.

Create Curls With GHDs

Curling your hair with GHDs takes practice, however once you get it right the results are great.

  • Starting at the nape, pull a strand or hair out from the head
  • Clamp with the straighteners
  • Now wrap the hair around the barrel once
  • hold the end of the hair as you pull the straighteners down towards the ends
  • The slower you pull the hair the stronger curl you will get.
  • For beach waves pull your straighteners quickly to create kink
  • For curls at the end start half way down the hair
Advice For Hair from a stylist

Use A Babyliss Curl Pro

The Babyliss curl Secret is a great way to easily curl your hair, it works by sucking your hair in and curling it. I find it the easiest way to curl your hair single handedly. However because it sucks your hair in its not great on long hair and it can become tangled.

But you can use the curl secret on long hair, just concentrate on curling the ends.

Make sure when using a curl secret you listen to the bleeps and release the hair on 3 bleeps, leaving the hair in too long will cause heat damage and breakage.

Scrunch Your Hair

Scrunching is a great way of promoting curls in your hair, you will be surprised how much curl most of us have. It’s worth setting by a little time and having a go. Follow my guide for successfully scrunching the hair.

Remmington Hairdryer and Diffuser for UK Curly Girl Mathod

Try A Curling Wand

Curling wands are usually shaped to get a curl that is tighter at the ends, they are great for curling and do provide firm curls but are also very hot so ensure you wear gloves. Also, don’t keep on the hair too long as they will cause breakage.

  • Section the hair off to start curling from the bottom
  • Get your first section of hair
  • Wind the hair from roots to tips
  • The tighter you wrap the hair the tighter the curls
  • Leave for the recommended time, which is usually a few seconds.

And There You Have It 8 Ways To Get curly hair

All very different. And that’s the wonderful thing, because curly hair is individual and unique just like us.

Different ways to curl your hair or have curly hair

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