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I know we have a while to our big Orlando Adventure but I am an organised kinda gal, I love to be prepared so that I am not dashing around the week before buying last-minute bits and pieces. I literally start shopping for our next holiday as soon as a holiday is over. I love the whole holiday shopping, organising experience.

I wanted to share some of the bits I have picked up for Joe’s holiday survival kit. Now this is a huge thing in the Christie family. Yes, Jack may have grown out of it, but for Joe the holiday survival kits is still a huge part of his holiday. It so important to keep kids occupied on journeys, this is why we invented the Christie family holiday survival kit.For us it has become a way to occupy the kids on journeys, a lovely tradition and a fun way to start our holidays.

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So here are some of the goodies in Joe’s holiday survival kit this year.

1. Cappi Pens, you have no idea how many times I have had to crawl around on aeroplane floors looking for pen lids. Cappi Pens are fantastic as the lids attach onto a cord to not only keep the pens together but also prevent the lids from getting lost. What a great idea.

2. Funky Flags by ZooBooKoo, this is so clever. It is a laminated board quiz that tests your child knowledge on the world, flags and countries. I plan to download Joe and app onto his iPad so that we can research the answers. The clever thing about this is that once you have answered the quiz you can reveal the answers by rubbing the heat reactive panels, the answers are revealed then fade away so you can re-use the quiz.

3. National Geographic, Weird but True cards, these are just fantastic. A pack of cards full off interesting facts, and exactly the sort of things kids really want to know. I just know these cards are going to get lots of use, Joe will love them.

4. Lastly our old faithful Cars play-set. Now this is not new, I bought this set a couple of years ago from the Disney Store and they have traveled all over with us. Over the years the boys have had many  different play sets from the Disney store and loved all of them. In fact I can’t bear to part with the Toy Story set and have packed it the loft. I keep this set in a little canvas bag in our suitcase and whenever we go aways it goes with us.

These cars are so well loved, and well worth paying for the set. I love the fact that they have been kept together and have given Joe many hours of fun.
3The holiday survival kit is ALWAYS a surprise, all the items in the kit bar one, are brand new and have never been seen before. I find that way Joe is always excited by his pack and it keeps him entertained for ages on long journeys.

I love that it has turned into a family tradition that we get excited about. It is something I love building and look forward to them seeing.
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18 thoughts on “Joe’s Holiday Survival Kit”

    • Thanks Julia, yes they stay occupied for so much longer, the cards are fab I cant wait to use them with the boys x

  1. Oh my goodness what it is about boys and cars?! JACK is obsessed! Theres an array of them in my changing bag, nappy bin, cot etc. Infact everywhere ha ha! Have a fab time in orlando, i went there when younger amazing! I will take jack when he is older! #twinklytuesday

    • Thanks Ellie, I know having two boys there are cars coming out of my ears, my Jack is 14 now so no longer really has toys but Joe has claimed them all so there are tons. And thank you I can wait I am so excited for Orlando, we took our two at 2 years old for the first time it was so magical x

    • I know Hayley the cards are fab Joe is going to love them such fun facts, And those cars are very well traveled cars ha ha x

  2. Those weird but true cards look interesting. Great idea for boys who asks lots of questions (*note to self for future holidays, haha) xxx

    • Maria, I don’t know about the boys but I cant wait to use them , they look so interesting but I purposely not read through them as I want to read them with Joe for first time.

  3. What a fab idea to do this – we are off at the end of the month so I’m tempted to put some bits together for Zach! Especially since it’s a bit of a post camping holiday so we might have some spare time on our hands! I need to start writing a list! So exciting that you are going to Disney! I just love it there! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • Thanks Lisa, yes my two have always got so excited about their survival kits, it has become a real family tradition x


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