What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania 1

5 Money Saving Tips When Traveling As A Family

As soon as we became parents we knew we wanted to ensure our boys experienced and enjoyed our love of travel. So when the people at Opodo asked me what tips I would give to families to save on travel, my mind was overflowing with ideas. Travel need not cost the earth; a little research really …

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Joe’s Holiday Survival Kit

I know we have a while to our big Orlando Adventure but I am an organised kinda gal, I love to be prepared so that I am not dashing around the week before buying last-minute bits and pieces. I literally start shopping for our next holiday as soon as a holiday is over. I love the whole holiday shopping, organising experience.

I wanted to share some of the bits I have picked up for Joe’s holiday survival kit. Now this is a huge thing in the Christie family. Yes, Jack may have grown out of it, but for Joe the holiday survival kits is still a huge part of his holiday. It so important to keep kids occupied on journeys, this is why we invented the Christie family holiday survival kit.

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