5 Money Saving Tips When Traveling As A Family


As soon as we became parents we knew we wanted to ensure our boys experienced and enjoyed our love of travel.

So when the people at Opodo asked me what tips I would give to families to save on travel, my mind was overflowing with ideas. Travel need not cost the earth; a little research really goes a long way.

It’s incredible the knowledge of the world the boys have picked up, that they could not have ever have learnt at school. Yes, school is wonderful, educating our children and giving them knowledge. But it’s not the same as seeing, smelling or feeling a place. You could never fully get your head around the Trevi Fountain unless you see it. Or comprehend that the Vatican is a city within a city, unless you are able to actually stand and put your toe over that invisible line.

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To learn to say hello and thank you in several languages, wander through a locals market, whilst soaking up the atmosphere in Jamaica. Stand inside the Grand Canyon looking up at the sky or at the top of the Burj Khalifa looking down on life below.  Life and travel is an education and travel is an adventure that creates so many wonderful memories.

5 Money Saving Tips When Traveling As A Family

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And yes with price hikes in term time travel can be expensive. But with a little planning you can make considerable savings on traveling as a family.

Book Separately 

We hardly ever book a package holiday, booking separately can save a fortune. Gone are the days of booking a package and knowing you have got the best deal. Yes, there are great deals to be had. But independent booking gives you the choice to choose between airlines, hotels and service providers.

Be Prepared

Follow the resorts you want to visit and get an idea of when they release special offers. Disney always offers a free dining plan incentive at some stage throughout the year. And many cruise companies offer free drinks packages and buy one get one-half price on cruise fare’s, which offer a huge saving. For our up-coming trip to Ikos Resorts we were able to access an early booking offer and free transfers by booking direct with the resort.

Look For Free Child Places

We have accessed free child offers for cruises, Las Vegas, and many other holidays you would not normally expect at peak time. Keep your eyes open, these offers are available its just knowing where to look and doing your research.

Use a flight comparison site

Flight comparison sites can save substantial amounts of cash. And if you are flexible which airport you fly from you can save in some cases hundreds. Opodo have just published a great survey identifying the best days and months to book flight to make the greatest savings. The results of their survey show there clearly is a right time to book.

Shop for holiday clothes and toiletries all year round

Always have one eye open for holiday clothes; I pick up some real bargains this way. I generally collect clothes and toiletries throughout the year and store them in a suitcase. Sales are a great way to pick up kids essentials for a bargain. And prevents the mad panic buying rush the week before you travel. Shopping for toiletries thought the year saves that huge toiletries bill the week you go, because lets face it the cost of that can be eye watering at times.

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As the main travel planner it is great to have tricks up your sleeve to ensure you make that family travel budget goes even further and gets you out there and see the world with your family. Then all you have to do is enjoy it.

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5 Money Saving Tips When Traveling As A Family


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62 thoughts on “5 Money Saving Tips When Traveling As A Family”

  1. We too have not booked a package holiday since 2011 which was the first year we went to Florida. Booking separately the following year meant we saved £1000, and I have not booked a package holiday since. Good tip about picking up clothes and toiletries all year round x

  2. Great tips! We always book tickets and accommodation separately. Another tip is to book your accommodation when you arrive at the location. We usually book a place to stay for a night or 2 and then shop around. So much more choice for better prices! Depending on where and when you’re going of course… #MondayEscapes

  3. Some really great tips here. We love travelling and we have found that going on holiday in the winter is another great way of saving money. We tend to go on cruises at the moment as they are family friendly and we get to travel. Like you suggest I watch the website, and I now know to either book as soon as a cruise goes live or very last moment (if my nerves can take it). We then arrange our own excursions off the boat as this is more cost effective, and we sign up to cruise chatrooms as they often have links to good excursion companies or ideas for trips you can do on your own. We have booked our next holiday which will be at Christmas and we booked that last May! Since then the holiday has gone up lots in price and we would not be able to afford it now! #MondayEscapes

    • Emma we love cruising and I agree about the excursions you can do them so much cheaper sometimes, some arranged trips are worth doing, some are worth venturing out by yourself x

  4. Great tip about buying clothes all year round. I learnt my lesson the year my son started school. Because he wore his uniform so much, I didn’t buy him many clothes and we ended up, two days before the summer holiday, with only a handful of holey t-shirs in his wardrobe! #MondayEscapes

  5. We’re finding out another reason to book separately. Half of our family may have to cancel a trip and it’s so easy if it’s all booked separately. You don’t lose out too badly financially either. This had never crossed my mind before.

  6. Booking separately can save so much. I’m trying this right now after finding it as a package holiday on a popular travel website. And I love finding holiday bargains all year round, you can find so much in winter! #mondayescapes

  7. Booking separately is definitely the best tip! I never use travel agencies or package deals as I generally find them to actually be way more than booking my own hotels and flights. #MondayEscapes

  8. Great tips! I especially like how you buy clothes all year round. I rarely buy clothes at full price, especially for the kids. They’re still so little so they outgrow clothes really quickly. So I shop the bargain aisle for the next size unless there’s a sale or I have a coupon. I store all the bigger sizes in a box until they outgrow their current size and then swap it for the new size. It works great for us. #mondayescapes

  9. Great tips , would definitely agree with you on the book separately , especially if you need to fly from Scotland ! Also love the tips about picking up holiday clothes and toiletries year round -that is always an extra expense , makes sense to get it as you go. Great photo’s on this post too !

  10. I do avoid booking packages, too. I find you can do better when managing each item separately. I hadn’t thought to buy toiletries and clothes as you see sales – what a great idea! #mondayescapes

  11. With 3 kids, and 2 teens, it’s harder and harder to save – but booking direct (and then getting the travel agent to price match) seems to be the way to go. We also usually fly budget airlines. Looking at Europe later this year, a lot of hotels won’t let us have 3 in a room!

  12. I am glad you are teaching your kids about the world thought travel.. Like you mentioned, the lessons coming from that aspect are invaluable. I use flight comparison sites and I have noticed they work for hotels and car rentals too. Plus, I agree on searching for free things to do. After all, we are on century were travel have been democratized in certain ways. A lot of things have been made accessible (or free) to the masses. #MondayEscapes

  13. Yes, always book separately or at least compare prices before you book to make sure you’re getting the best deal. My mom and I use a tour group sometimes that have pretty comparable prices, but we never book flights through them because that’s where they’re apparently getting you. #mondayescapes

  14. Great, common sense tips here. Totally agree about Flight Comparison sights as they’re great if you have some flexility in dates as well and not just for budget airlines either. Just goes to show a little planning can really pay off in the long run. #MondayEscapes

    • Oh I would love the visit at Christmas I bet it is magical, I would most certainly look and book direct with Disney they generally offer some great deals x

  15. My parents took us traveling when we are still in diapers. One of many things I am grateful my parents did. I am so much more adventurous because of it.

    Great money saving tips! I love the one about purchasing toiletries through out the year.


  16. Brilliant tips Sarah. I really need to start buying things throughout the year to take advantage of the sales and spread the cost. I think free child places will become a lot more important to us too very soon. Tin Box Baby is on the cusp of paying full airfares – eek! #MondayEscapes

  17. Great tips. We’re always on the look out for holiday gear year round. I literally got back from skiing in Italy yesterday but I’ll be looking for new skis when the season ends in a few weeks because they’ll be cheaper. Sorry my comment is a little late. #mondayescapes


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