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Review of Celebrity Silhouette,

We are home and back on dry land, and the holiday blues have well and truly set in. Is it just me that hates holidays ending? A total contradiction as I love coming home to our little house but hate holidays ending!

The Bravo Cruise on board Celebrity Silhouette was a total triumph. We had the most wonderful week immersed in ‘all things performing arts’.

Before sailing on this cruise I would have thought a themed cruise would not by my thing. However the key is finding a theme and genre you are genuinely interested in. And Cruiseco arranges cruises to suit all musical tastes. Check out Claire and Lisa’s Back to the 80s cruise over on Cruising With Kids.

I love cruising we all do in the Christie household and this was our 8th cruise, but our 1st themed cruise. Because we had never done anything like this before I was nervous. Mainly because despite what people say, cruise ship entertainment is generally incredible. Whether it is West End style shows, casino nights, ice shows, or quizzes that have people entering in their droves. There is always something to do at sea.

So to go onto a cruise knowing almost the whole entertainment team is on a break is daunting to say the least. And even with an impressive line up such as Bravo 2018 offered, my biggest question was, could this work for us as a family.

We arrived on day 1 to hear there were no kids on board, well 5! (Who we never saw) no kids club and nothing arranged for children.

There is an argument that we had chosen to cruise in term time but we have done that before on 2 occasions and there have still been lots of kid’s facilities. Maybe the nature of the cruise was a factor? But that makes me sad, as parents should encourage their children to have a love of the arts. Anyhow we decided that was fine, we embraced the opportunity for uninterrupted family time and this was the perfect opportunity to have Joe to ourselves for a while.

We were so lucky with the weather and sail away defined the tone for a week with glorious sunshine except for one foggy day.

The Pool Deck on Celebrity Silhouette
The Lawn Club Celebrity Silhouette

Our 3 berth balcony cabin on board Celebrity Silhouette was a great size.

With lots of storage enabling us to fully unpack all of our cruise clothes and not feel cramped at all. The bathroom also had lots of storage shelves.With plenty of shelves with glass doors for the stupendous amounts to toiletries I take whenever we cruise. But with port days and elegant evenings you need to be prepared for every eventuality.

The third bed came down from the ceiling so was made up each night and stowed away during the day. The balcony was an average size. This was the first time we had enjoyed a side balcony, previously going for an aft balcony.  Which are generally larger, however I felt the side balcony got more sun.

The food and service on board Celebrity Silhouette was exactly what I would expect from a cruise, exceptional.

The fact that the ship was chartered for the Bravo Cruise did not affect the quality of the food, drinks or service. The staff on-board Celerity Silhouette was so very attentive. Nothing was too much trouble everybody was so friendly. The bar service was quick, cocktails amazing and the Martini bar was an entertainment form in itself.

The Martini Bar Onboard Celebrity Silhouette

Dinner in the main dining room was always delicious; we did not eat a bad meal during the whole 7-night cruise.

I am a huge fan of formal dining and whilst the Ocean View cafe served great quality food, which we loved at breakfast or lunch, formal dining is my preference for an evening meal.

And with the Grand Cuvée restaurant offering dishes such a beef Wellington, lobster, steak, salmon and don’t get me started on the deserts, this for us was the perfect choice. We like to offer the boys the chance to try new dishes when we travel to new countries, in fact it’s a rule of travel in our house and the Grand Cuvée offers the perfect opportunity to try new things.

Food onboard Celebrity Silhouette

We also dined at 2 of the speciality restaurants Qsine and the Lawn Club Outdoor Grill. They were both so very different and unique.

Qsine restaurant which call’s itself uniquely unordinary hits the nail right on the head with the analogy. Serving a unique sharing menu, which is literally a bit of everything. You could visit here as a family eat as much as you like and find a favourite for everyone dining. Offering dishes such as fish and chips, burger sliders and oriental favourites all served in a unique way. Qsine has its own unique style and as such is not to be missed.

Qsuine Menu on Celebrity Silhouette
Cuisine onboard Celebrity Silouhete

The Lawn Club Grill is an open BBQ restaurant where you can choose to cook your own meal or be served. There is huge choice of steak cuts and some fish dishes too. Coupled with delicious flat bread starters and an all you can eat salad bar, this is the perfect place to dine with the sea breeze in your hair.

Making Flat Bread in the Lawn Club Grill

I have so much more to share about the ship, ports and entertainments on board Bravo. See part 2 here.

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A Week Sailing On Board Celebrity Silhouette on the Bravo Cruise 2018, A look at the food, speciality dining and service.






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Sanna Vegancruiser

Tuesday 19th of June 2018

Your photos make me want to go this date our favourite cruise ship/holiday. Not sure how they'd cater for us these days, as hubby was pescatarian at that point and I was still omni. But that lawn deck. ?

Claire at Tin Box Traveller

Sunday 10th of June 2018

Celebrity ships are incredible! I'm itching to go on one now that I've seen your experience. The food in particular looks divine!

Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net)

Sunday 10th of June 2018

We've never sailed with Celebrity, but it looks like a lovely ship! We have mixed emotions about theme cruises. One reason we like cruising is the variety. Sometimes a theme cruise can be too much of a good thing. Of course, you're on a cruise! That's never too much of a good thing. ;)

Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker

Thursday 7th of June 2018

It looks like you had a fantastic family holiday together. Eight cruises - that's impressive! I get terrible post-holiday blues whenever we come back from a trip, even if it's only been for a weekend. I have to start planning the next adventure straight away!

Bryna | Dotted Line Travels

Wednesday 6th of June 2018

Looks like you had beautiful weather, from your photos! And you're definitely not the only one who likes to come back to their own home after a vacation, but also gets major post-vacation blues!

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