Half Term Holidays, Chill Time, Organisation And Coffee Cake


Having time to chill out or bake cakes is something that I used to have to be schedule in. The older the boys have got, the busier life has become. But they have become more independent.

 When baking I also have to factor in their likes and dislikes, and with that come a long list to be adhered too, all having different preferences and tastes. Life with teenagers is wonderful; it’s exciting, busy and rewarding. But at times it has me counting to ten. Meeting the needs of growing tastes, fitness fads and health issues can be time consuming and frustrating. But it’s also this age thy start becoming independent and needing you less. Not totally, but most definitely less!

At first this was hard, I was left feeling somewhat redundant whilst they started to find their groove in the world. Joe being 11 wants to be more independent but is at the stage where he is not quite ready. So needs to be drip fed freedom to feel he is being given it, if that makes sense. Jack is leaving School this time, getting ready to drive and enter in further education.

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Half Term Holidays, Chill Time and Oraganisation

Half Term Holidays, Chill Time and Oraganisation

The reality is that the boys will both choose a football match, clay pigeon shooting or any other sport than a family day at the moment. I am adapting to this by booking spa days with friends and trips to the city whilst all the Christie boys are off getting their sporting fix. And it’s working well. They have their male bonding time over sport, which I could be involved in should I wish. But shooting and football is not for me.

Yesterday was one such day, as they all head out to the shooting club to shoot bits of clay that fly through the air. Why, oh, why, is this even a thing? I was left wondering what to do with an afternoon all to myself?

 Then I remembered the gourmesso coffee capsules  I had recently sent  to try out and decided coffee cake and a good magazine was the way forward. You see, the Christie boys don’t like coffee cake, yet for me it is the cake of all cakes. The one cake it is worth breaking any diet for. And I never bake it, mainly because I am then compelled to eat it all by myself. But yesterday felt like a whole cake kinda day. A treat whilst that lot all shot lumps of clay in the freezing cold.

Half Term Holidays, Chill Time and Oraganisation

For me half the fun is in the making, there is something quite calming about baking a cake. Maybe the tidy up mission after is not so rewarding, however the promise of an hour sat drinking coffee and eating said cake whilst reading a magazine uninterrupted is enough to make any work light.

And as I sat chilled reflecting on how life has changed so much lately, I remembered the days of being up to my elbows in nappies and baby wipes. I remember it fondly, probably because I have filtered out the sleepless nights, and paddies. I am so glad I made the most of every stage, did all the crafts, and days at the park. They have wonderful memories. And of course we are still making memories in our travels. The big shift is that there is now more time for me. Something you forget all about when they are little. And something that most definitely should be celebrated with cake.

6 thoughts on “Half Term Holidays, Chill Time, Organisation And Coffee Cake”

  1. That cake looks delicious and hurrah for more time for yourself. Morgan went clay pigeon shooting for his birthday last year, and I definitely think it’s a male thing to do. It’s certainly a shift in family time and balance as they are getting older. Hywel and I get more time together for popping out for a sneaky lunch somewhere x

    • Yes I just don’t get it Tracey but they all love it. And yes it changes so much which does have its positives like time for magazines and cake x


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