Free Ghost Colouring Pages Letters And Numbers


Halloween and trick or treating season is coming up and our free printable Ghost Colouring Pages Letters And Numbers are perfect for the spooking season ahead.

Ghosts shouldn’t be scary, they should be fun, and hopeful this little cute and fun set should inject a little Halloween fun into classroom and rainy day activities.

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Also if you do have a cutting machine make sure you check out our ghost SVG Alphabet too, its great to use alongside our colouring pages for Halloween activities.

Free Ghost Colouring Pages Letters And Numbers

Ideas For Using These Ghost Colouring Pages Printable Themed ABC Alphabet And Numbers 

  • IT, printing out or uploading to Word, Canva or Pages for online word forming or colouring
  • Dexterity, cutting all the letters out into squares
  • Ghost Themed Art, colouring in the alphabet 
  • Ghost Classroom decor
Ghost Alphabet Coloring Pages

8 Ghost Facts For Children

  1. A ghost is the spirit of a dead animal or person who chooses to make themselves known to living humans.
  2. Sometimes a ghost will resemble the dead. Other times they appear as a glowing light.
  3. The word ghost originates from the old English word ‘g?st’.
  4. No one knows if ghosts truly exist, scientists claim there are no real ghosts however many people believe in them still.
  5. People who try to talk and connect with ghosts as their job are called mediums.
  6. Ghosts can be tracked by using electromagnetic field detector or temperature guns.
  7. Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts.
  8. Some ghost festivals include: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Hungry Ghost Festival and Shradh.
Ghost letters and numbers coloring alphabet

How To Get Your Ghost ABC Colouring Pages Alphabet And Number Set Of Printable’s?

Click here or the image below to get your free Ghost Colouring/Coloring downloads and either send to the printer or upload to the pc and use on a colouring or processing programme. However, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Get your free coloring pages here

More Home Learning Inspiration

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Free downloadable Ghost Colouring Pages Letters And Numbers for Halloween activities and home school

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