Four Ways To Create A Vintage Bathroom Look


Bathroom design and style is a huge deal. It’s a room in our homes that we use so very much. Somewhere that we can relax and unwind after a long day, a room that guests almost certainly always visit. So it has to look great all the time. 

It is also a room we can be really creative with and unleash those design skills. Go crazy with colour, or stick to muted calm pastels. Display our love for all things ultra modern or unleash the hidden romantic in us.

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However saying that there are those amongst us that can’t quite decide on our perfect bathroom design style. We have 2 bathrooms; one is ready and waiting for a new lease of life and a little love, whilst the other clearly displays my love of all things modern.

I wholly embrace modern looks and clean lines, which totally helps towards uncluttered head space. Or is it just me that can let a room affect my mood? I know the other, when we get around to the revamp, will represent my romantic side. And be somewhere that feels perfectly indulgent and pretty.

I have been planning my vintage bathroom for sooooooo long. And have visions of me soaking in a slipper bath full of bubble with a glass of fizz in hand. Told you I was going for indulgent, I really meant it!

As a result I have been pinning like a maniac and have a board full of gorgeous bathroom ideas of all styles. Ready for when the day comes and we start the bathroom planning. I know in my head exactly how it will be, a contemporary version of vintage Victorian perfection, the perfect chill out bathroom.

In my endeavour for perfection I have picked up some wonderful tips on how to create the perfect vintage bathroom, because my friends it’s all in the detail.

Go for a freestanding bath to really create the mood.

They come in many shapes and sizes to fit almost all bathrooms. I am coveting a small slipper bath for my  bathroom, perfect for filling to the top with sweet-smelling bubbles and relaxing for as long as I physically can. At least until the Christie boys send out a search party for me.

Four Ways To Create An Authentic Vintage Bathroom Look

It’s all in the tiles, tiles can make or break a bathroom.

I never forget the brown patterned tiles and avocado bath in our very first home. That crime on bathroom design still makes me weep to this day. Beautiful tiles come in many patterns and colours; it’s all down to taste. But make sure you get it right, bring samples home and lay them on the floor, live with them for a few days and see if you still love them.  And a great tip, don’t waste left over tiles, use them for an up-cycling project.

Four Ways To Create An Authentic Vintage Bathroom Look

Get the fittings exactly right.

Taps and showers heads can really showcase a look. If you are going for vintage,  cross head or vintage lever taps paired with oversized shower heads are the perfect contributing factors to a vintage chic bathroom.

Four Ways To Create An Authentic Vintage Bathroom Look

Not sure on tiles? Go for a wood-wash.

Although a wood wash looks clean and contemporary it can also be a very sympathetic palate to host a vintage style. And takes us back to bygone days of whitewashed houses and beach huts. A very cool look, that can easily be changed to suit moods and trends.

Four Ways To Create An Authentic Vintage Bathroom Look

There you have it, my tips for getting that vintage look. Bathrooms are to be loved and adored. A room we want to melt away the day in. Not unloved and overlooked and getting it right really will make all the difference.

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