Boozy Hot Chocolate And Marshmallows In A Home Made Personalised Mug


Tis the season to be jolly! And yet nearly everybody I have spoken to is stressed! Why oh why do we put all this pressure on ourselves to get it all done. And to buy the right gift, when sometimes all it needs is a little thought and making  something more personalised.

And its also that time of year when I am busily planning and preparing what goes into my family Christmas Eve Box.  Christmas Eve is a big deal in the Christie household, something we all look forward to. In fact Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days of the Christmas period.

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It feels so full of anticipation and excitement, yes is also a chilled day, Christmas films are on the TV and it’s perfectly acceptable to drink boozy hot chocolate in the afternoon.

Hot chocolate mug Christmas stocking filler Gift With Cricut

How about making Personalised Christmas Gifts With The Cricut Explore Air?

And on that note I just wanted to share a little Cricut project I have been working on lately. Boozy hot chocolate mugs, perfect for Christmas Eve boxes and personalised gifts for friends. They are also great gifts for kids, minus the Irish Cream of course!

Christmas Eve Box www.extraordinarychaos.ocm

To make Personalised Hot Chocolate Mugs with your Cricut Machine, you will need.

Plain mugs  (mine were £1 each from ASDA)

Sachets’ of hot chocolate

Mini Whisks

1 Packet of marshmallows and clear wrapping film to wrap.

Chocolate coins

Stocking fillers for adults
Tips for using Cricut transfer tape

To personalise your mugs with the Cricut;

A Cricut Machine

Metallic Permanent vinyl 

Transfer Tape

Of course you do not need to personalise your mugs, but I love how doing so makes the gift just that little bit more special. I have chosen to use some of my favourite lines from Elf, but love how the opportunities are endless here.

In the design studio I used Calligraphy design, matrimony text. Which is quite solid making it easier to cut and transfer.

I then typed my chosen sentence and sized it to just under 4 on the mat. ( I find sizing is easier to do against the physical mat rather than on-screen)

Cut out the text on the Cricut and a piece of transfer tape the same size.

It helps to take a bit of sticky off the transfer tape; It’s easier to transfer vinyl if the tape has lost its tack a little. Remedy this by attaching to a piece of fabric and removing a few times.

Peel of the remaining tape to leave the cut lettering. Apply transfer tape and apply pressure to remove the letter and tape.

Position tape on mug ensuring you get it straight and use the Cricut tools to rub the letters and remove transfer tape from the mug, thus leaving the lettering behind.

Fill with goodies and wrap all ready for Christmas. However you can apply any design, which makes them perfect for special birthdays.

All that is left now, is to put your feet up and enjoy a frothy hot chocolate or two. And have a very merry Christmas.

Elf Inspired Christmas Mug

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Hot chocolate gift for Christmas Eve Box, filled with marshmallows, hot chocolate, Irish Cream/ Personalised with a Cricut and a sentence from your favourite Christmas Movies to make a more unique Christmas Gift perfect for a Christmas Eve Box.







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  1. Wow Sarah this looks sooo good I really want one of those machines they do such a fantastic job and looks so expensive even though the mugs were only £1, brilliant!??Mandy xxx

  2. Thank you so much for all the tutorials and tips ! They are so helpful and detailed. I have a cricut maker and so new at this . But I love this machine. I can’t wait to learn how to use it to it’s fullest! I have a long way to go. Be Blessed and thank you ?


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